Saturday 27th October 2012 – 'Golden Light' (301/366)

I'm adding this 366 photo to The Gallery under the theme of Autumn for two reasons.

1) I've posted oodles of photos that could be used for the theme, and don't want to repost photos that I've already used.

2) To me, this photo symbolises everything about Autumn that I love: the warm sunlight, long shadows, woolly hats and crisp, golden leaves being frollicked in.

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      When you say 'my FB page' do you mean the group or my actual TBaM page? FB has changed the rules of people's news-streams lately and unless you like, share or comment posts then they don't appear often 🙁

  1. says

    I used to love photographing K'Boo in the leaves. This time of year we are usually in the US, but for the first time in a while, we are grounded and knee deep in wedding plans.
    I love your photo, brings it all back and reminds me that this is my absolute favourite time of year – always has been, always will be – yay an Autumn Wedding!!!

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