The Footprint Of A Stegosaurus! (Review)

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who has a list of things that they can't wait for their children to have? And yes, most of the things on said list are there because either I didn't have them as a child, or they came out about two years too late for me to get away with having.

Like flashing shoes.

You know the ones, the little LEDs that light up when your child runs? Surely they're even better if the light is flashing through the eyes of a dinosaur?

How cool are these shoes?

On the Dinosoles Stegosaurus shoes, the lights don't just flash in a random place. Oh no, they flash through the eye of the steogsaurus on the out side of the shoe, and the entire amber eye on the in side glows upon movement.

I cannot convey in words how much The Boy loves these shoes.

These shoes are…

dinosaur shoes

Dinosoles are a fantastic range of dinosaur inspired shoes with a variety of styles featuring flip-flops, hi-tops, skater shoes, sandals along with the more conventional style we went for. The designs are really captivating, the soles thick but flexible, the velcro is easily adjustable (although I would say parents need to check they're done up tight enough) and the quality of the materials is 'top-notch'.

As a mum who believes in quality shoes for infants, I have only ever bought Clarks' shoes for The Boy. However, I am really comfortable with the standard of the Dinosoles shoes that The Boy wears and wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair, especially when (at £24.99) they are £10 cheaper than equivalent Clarks' shoes.

The Boy was sent these shoes for the purpose of this review. My opinion, and his love of them, is honest and unbiased. Aside from the fact that they've got flashy lights; that might have swayed my opinion somewhat. Do you think they make them in an adult 8?

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Wow these are awesome! Love the way the eyes at the flashing light bit! Brilliant and very reasonably priced

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