Country Kid: Autumn Leaves

I am sat here trying to recover from a gargantuam walk. "Let's nip up to town?" says I.

Problem is that once you've got to town (which is only a ten minute walk away), it's incredibly easy to nip to the park because it's only a few hundred yards from the town centre. It's a lovely, meandering, Victorian park. And it meanders down to the beach. Which is absolutely brilliant and we all love walking along the pier and plopping pebbles in the sea. There's just one problem with walking down to the beach…

…you have to come back up again!

However, as it is a beautiful day with an azure sky, wispy clouds and a warming Autumn sun, it was a really enjoyable walk along some of the very affluent areas of our seaside, Victorian town. One of the best bits about our town is the plethora of tree-lined avenues, giving an abundance of leaves. After the dry weather this week they were fantastically crunchy and inviting for a three year old little boy.

coombe mill

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  1. Emma says

    Looks like fun! We have loads of leaves in the garden and the kids take great delight in running through them whenever I try to clear them up

  2. says

    I love kicking my way through piles of leaves. Have to resist the urge when the gardeners have been round blowing them into piles ready to pick up….I could undo all their good work in 5 seconds and walk off all innocent

  3. says

    Ah, the Boy looks to be enjoying himself there. Bud has discovered the joy of crunching through the leaves too. His Nana was less than impressed when he waded through a neatly swept pile which was waiting to be picked up outside her house today! He had lots of fun doing it though.

  4. says

    my two did some of this yesterday in the churchyard we walk through on the way to town.
    i love the feel of the leaves crunching under my feet too. its been a beautiful warm day too – so nice for a change
    gorgeous photos x

  5. says

    The leaves are falling like confetti here at Coombe Mill, we will be on family leaf clear up tomorrow with much play like The Boy along the way I'm sure! Thank you for sharing and well done on your hike up from the beach, it's good to be physically tired and not just mentally drained sometimes.

  6. says

    I love these photos. The Boy looks like he's having fun…and is very warm.
    I do love autumn and the colours. (I love how his coat matches the colour of the leaves)

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