Personalised 'Peppa Pig' Goes Swimming (Review)

It's probably not going to come as a surprise to anyone reading this blog, but The Boy is rather a big fan of Peppa Pig. There is something about the porcine family which completely captivates him and he adores 'reading' the massive selection of books that we have.

Recently I was invited to review one of the fabulous personalised Peppa Pig books available from, specifically the 'Peppa and ____ Go Swimming' book. The whole ordering process is incredibly simple to do and allows for personalisation of the child's hair, eye and skin colouring, along with hair style and the addition of glasses.

Our book arrived within a few days of ordering, and came in a sturdy cardboard envelope to prevent damage. The book cover is a high quality, glossy finish of A4 card, and each page inside is printed on thick quality paper and rich in colour.

The story follows one of the well-known Peppa Pig television programmes and as it is familiar to the children, it makes it even more endearing that they are now 'in' that story. The Boy makes an appearance about a third of the way into the story once the story has been introduced, and features on every page after that both with his name written down and as a character in the illustration.

The theme of this story shows The Boy as being capable of swimming with armbands, just like Peppa can. In reality, he can't and doesn't have a huge amount of confidence in a swimming pool refusing to completely let go of us. This book is useful because it actually shows The Boy being able to swim and how he can achieve this through using armbands, a float and leg movements; it's providing him with the knowledge that he will get there one day and this is how.

I'm a big fan of these personalised Peppa Pig books from Penwizard, and they have a number of different stories available.

'Peppa and [Your Child] Go Swimming' is available to buy from for the price of £14.99

However, I am able to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win their own copy of this fabulous book. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning.

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  1. Cheryll H says

    My Hall'o'ween memories all involve being shouted at and having the door slammed in my face! This was before everyone had the fab idea of only going to houses that were decorated 🙂

  2. melanie stirling says

    When I was little I went to a halloween party where we did apple bobbing.I was scared to death of getting water up my nose and I have never forgotten it!

  3. Chrissie Curtis says

    When I was younger we totally covered ourself in make up! We didnt have anything to wear either so made our clothes ripped and dirty. We looked a total mess and mum wasnt to happy when she saw.

  4. emma Cella says

    Jake: Why couldn’t the ghost see its mom and dad?
    Philip: I don’t know.
    Jake: Because they were trans-parents!

  5. says

    Sorry I'm not very good at jokes. So how about if I tell you that my little boy went trick or treat for the first time last year when he was 2 and half. He didn't even touch the sweets for over a week. I had to sneak in his bedroom at night to help myself to sweets, it was a torture! 🙂 x

  6. Eileen Teo says

    we dont celebrete at all. but since i have kids, i seem to have to tag along! had lot of great children halloween party!

  7. angela sandhu says

    My sister and i were not allowed to go outside on Halloween as my parents were quite protective so we used to sit and watch halloween movies all evening in my bedroom in the dark with loads of popcorn and junk! And we were warm!

  8. denise shuttleworth says

    joke from my three year old granddaughter who thinks this is hilarious.
    Knock knock whose there?
    isa.isa who? isadora the witch aaaaargh.

  9. Sophie Buckle says

    This year was the first halloween that my son could really be involved in (14 months) we dressed him up as yoda and he loves opening the door so when the trick or treaters came he was in his element opening the door by himself! Poor guy though didnt realise that we had to leave it open long enough for them to get the sweets he was closing it almost straight away!!

  10. stephanie tsang says

    My favourite halloween memories are going trick or treating with my best friend when we were about 13 years old without our parents knowledge.

  11. says

    This halloween we took the children into poundland (Hannah is 2 and Peter is 4) and we let them select any decoration/items they wanted (which we were surprised at only came to £15! – as they were throwing it in)

    In this bundle of scary straws, creepy glasses and glow up spiders we had a 4ft skeleton that glowed in the dark. Unable to find a drawing pin I blue tacked it up in thier bedroom, to which Hannah bawled at crying it was scarrryyyyyyy!!

    So I moved it onto the landing and thought nothing of it.

    3am i get woken up by a crash in the hallway, and try to rouse my partner who bravely… rolled over.. :sigh:

    so I climb out of bed, gripping a pillow as protection to go and investigate incase its one of the children. Before my eyes I was met with a glowing pool of glowing ectoplasm (I didnt have my glasses on) and froze on the spot staring at it. without thinking I threw my pillow at it – rofl!!

    I then realised what it was…and felt like a complete and utter [BLEEEPP!]

    awful, just awful!

  12. Helen porter says

    my best sillyest memory was when i was a student nurse i worked a halloween night shift i had to go to the pharmacy to collect some meds and i heard foot steps behind me so a started walking faster and the foot steps got faster i reaslised they were actually my own footsteps and hospital corridoors have a habbit of echoing!

  13. Jo Kelly says

    In an old house, a good 13 years ago now, I (naively) did the Ouija board with my older sister. My sister was very keen & I was excited about what would happen. There was a few of us there & it was absolutely terrifying, it was saying all sorts. I wasn't sure if I believed it at the time but after doing it, for months & months, we experienced very eerie things – putting stuff down that would end up somewhere else, electrical items switching themselves on & off, doors opening & locking on their own. The worst time was when I locked up & went to bed, my friend was staying over, and we heard banging downstairs. We went to investigate (me with straighteners & my friend with a toy) & the front door was wide open! There was no-one in the house but we were absolutely terrified!!
    Needless to say, I've never, ever done the Ouija board again & advise everyone to leave it well alone!! x

  14. Vicky Limerick says

    My neighbours used to have one open the door while the other hid round the corner of the house and would creep up behind the kids so that when they turned round to walk off with their sweets she would be stood over them, they all used to run like mad

  15. Joanne Blunt says

    I can't remember going trick or treating when I was little, but I do remember bobbing for apples. It was great fun, but strangely something I don't consider doing now.

  16. Jessica L says

    This Halloween I explained to my 3 year old that trick or treaters would be coming knocking at the door in fancy dress. He got really into it, but didn't quite understand that we were just to give them sweets on the door step – he kept inviting them all in! The poor kids didn't know what to say!

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