SIGG Dino Glow Active Top

SIGG have a new design out for the drinking caps on the environmentally conscious and durable, eco-bottles. The new Active Top is a soft-spout, similar to a straw which is innovative in appearance and functionality, and can be used with water, juice or carbonated drinks.

The Active Top twists to open and close, but on the way from close to open it passes through the 'air' setting which is perfect if the bottle contains a carbonated drink which needs to let out the excessive 'fizz' before being able to drink from it.

The drinking spout on a SIGG bottle is usually quite a hard plastic and requires the bottle to be tipped for gravity to do its stuff and ensure drinking is possible. On the new Active Top, tipping isn't necessary; there is a soft straw inside the bottle and the spout which is drunk from is a soft rubber with a split-valve opening which is activated when pressed between the teeth and the drink is sucked up. The fact it's leak-proof is perfect for little ones, until the drink is sucked up through the spout, it's not going anywhere.

I showed the bottle to Mr. TBaM and I saw his shoulders sink slightly. Initially I wondered what the problem was; it's a fabulous design and far more intuitive for The Boy. Then I saw him inadvertently glance sideways at the SIGG bottle brush and realised that his issue lay in the washing-up of the lid because there are four small and fiddly parts to the new Active Top. I made his day when I pointed out that the lid (unlike the aluminium bottles) is able to go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. (I should probably point out that I don't do the dishes, I told him that before I married him 11 years ago and I've stuck to my guns). SIGG bottles should be washed out by hand, and every three months they should be cleaned out using the special 'bottle clean' tablets. 

The Boy was sent the new Dino Glow (in the dark) SIGG bottle with an Active top (RRP £16.99). It takes 400ml of fluid (it's recommened to put less in if the drink is carbonated) and is the perfect size for a trip out.

water bottles

The Boy loves his SIGG bottles, and they keep him refreshed, but there have been times when I've worried about his little teeth against the hard plastic edge. This new rubber drinking spout on the Active Top is soft and far kinder for him to drink from. And of course, it is 100% BPA-Free which is reassuring.


SIGG have very kindly offered one of the Dino Glow bottles to one of our readers.

SIGG bottle

To be in with a chance of winning this bottle worth £16.99, please complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. says

    I discovered my love of fancy dress at Halloween back in 1996 when I borrowed a wedding dress from my MIL and went as 'Bride of Dracula (yes i know it should be Frankenstein but Aaron was Dracula!)

  2. Adele says

    Last year I held my first Halloween party for the children. We had green spaghetti play, apple bobbing, pin the tail on the cat and lots of party games. Can't wait for this years!!

  3. says

    Every year my husbands rugby club has a fancy dress party, so I always come up with new costumes each year, but my husband always seems to get the short straw, a few years ago he had a ghoul which completed blacked out his face, looked fab but he could only drink using a small straw, last year he was a devil with great big wings, he ended up hitting people all night, every time he turned round, so this year I have gone with an American football player zombie, I hope he does no damage this year!!

  4. emma Cella says

    The young ghost went trick or treating.
    A nighbor asked her, "Who are your parents?"
    "Deady and Mummy," she answered.

  5. Kelly says

    My sons best joke at the minute about a spooky tree….

    How could the tree fly?

    Because it was on a jellycopter!!

    He is only 4, but makes he laugh so hard every time!

  6. Yvonne Brownsea says

    Top 10 Signs You Are Too Old to Be Trick or Treating:

    1. You get out of breath just from knocking on the door.
    2. You have to ask a child to pre-chew your sweets for you.
    3. You ask for high in fibre sweets only.
    4. When someone drops a choccy bar in your bag, you lose your balance and fall over.
    5. People say, "Great Keith Richard's mask!" and you're not wearing a mask.
    6. When the door opens you shout, "Trick or …" and can't remember the rest.
    7. By the end of the night, you have a bag full of restraining orders.
    8. You have to carefully choose a costume that won't dislodge your wig.
    9. You're the only Power Ranger in the neighborhood with a zimmer frame.
    10. You avoid going to houses where your ex-wives/ex-husbands live.

    — @XFilesFanaticus

  7. says

    Not so much a nice memory but a little secret. I'm terrifed of Halloween. Ever since the Scream movies, I actually hide from trick or treaters. I know this makes me a spoil sport but I'm terrified nasty men will use it as an excuse to terrfy people. Sad or what?!

  8. says

    We all went Trick or Treating to our English teacher's house when we were about 12 & her husband came out & said in a pompous voice 'Mrs McAinsh does not believe in Pagan festivities' and slammed the door in our faces. Still laugh a lot about that. Grumpy old ……

  9. Vicky Cole says

    A couple of years ago we went to the Southend Pier Halloween event where you got on a spooky train journey to the end of the pier. It was absolutely vile weather bitterly cold and heavy rain so we got the train back a little early but the driver didn't see us get on and no one else was on it. The train driver terminated the train and turned off the lights. We had to walk back the rest of the way which was pretty scary and my youngest child was quick frightened. When we got back the driver looked shocked and asked how we got there. We explained that we had got on the train to keep warm. Apparently we had frightened him too!

  10. says

    A nun gets into a taxi, the driver keeps staring at her. She asks why he is staring and he says, "I can't say, I'm afraid I'll offend you." The nun replies, "I've been a nun for a very long time, you wouldn't believe the things I have seen. I don't think there is anything you could say that would offend me." The driver tells her that he's always had a fantasy about kissing a nun and she says, "I can help you there but I have two rules. You must be single and Catholic." The driver says that he is both single and Catholic and so they pull over into a dark alley and the nun fulfills his fantasy. They had just set off on their way when the driver gets upset. "Forgive me sister, I have sinned. I must confess to you, I lied, I'm married and I'm Jewish, I'm so sorry." The nun replies, "That's ok, I'm Dave and I'm on my way to a Halloween party."

  11. says

    Why did the vampir go to the doctors? Because he kept on coffin!

    And also FYI.. Throwing my 1st (kiddies) buffet style halloween party this year 🙂 excited x

  12. Nicola Hinchliffe says

    I remember my silly step dad tell us a horrible horror story just before bed- silly man has 4 screaming kids to contend with!

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