No More Messy Mitts

We've all been there; the sticky cake which you packed in the picnic seemed like a really good idea at the time. And that outfit looked gorgeous. And then there was the handprint. No wetwipes because surely your child doesn't still need them?

Or there's the time that they've picked up that icky thing in soft play, are covered in God only knows what and need de-icky-fying pretty damn quickly.

This is where you need one of those anti-bacterial hand cleansers, better still if it's one of the foamy dispensers because they seem to spread and rub in better, and are great fun. However often they leave a foul tasting or smelling residue on skin. Unlike this one from the Green People.

The Green People Organic Sticky Hand Sanitiser has the anti-bacterial ingredient of Tea Tree extract which also has powerful antiseptic properties. As parents we all know that Tea Tree is a brilliant resource for use with our children, it just works. The blurb says "made with more than 96% certified organic ingredients the citrus scented foam leaves even sensitive hands and faces super soft" and it really does. My mum has one of the more well-known brands that blitzes everything within a five-mile radius but it also leaves a slimy feeling behind; my hands felt soft and supple after trying it.

Priced normally at £9.45 for 100ml which provides 200 squirts, Green People have the Sticky Hands Sanitiser on offer at the moment with £2.00 off making it £7.45; excellent value for a 96% certified organic and natural antibacterial sanitiser.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Karen says

    Fab idea of a product. Could do with that for all three of my children. I still carry wipes for my younger two, but they hate me wiping their hands…they are so independent maybe this will work better as they can rub it in themselves. thanks for posting about this.

  2. says

    The messier my son has ever been was when hubby gave him a chocolate dessert and forgot to give him a spoon. The poor child tried to eat and make a massive mess! He enjoyed it though! 🙂 x

  3. Ashleigh says

    my son was very messy after sitting in a muddy puddle and jumping around in it – he was soaked through and very muddy!

  4. olivia kirby says

    My son was very messy when we let him loose with a yoghurt for the first time! He is 22 months now and still not got the hang of it, he is always in a mess!!

  5. Helenthemadex says

    eating a tunnocks chocolate marshmallow cake thank god we were at home because the only way to get her clean was a bath

  6. jennifer thorpe says

    my daughter, when she had spaghetti bolognaise, was covered from the top of her head to her chin in tomato sauce

  7. Phil Darling says

    My daughter fell in the lake when we were canoeing – the water looked clean, but she got covered in black slimy mud – took ages to wash her down

  8. says

    This summer when he an dad were walking across a waterlogged field and Toby literally fell into a stinking bog – head to toe in smelly, putrid mud and screaming.

  9. says

    The messiest my baby boy has been was last month when I left him to be fed by his daddy – needless to say daddy thought it would be more fun to let him feed himself angel delight – it went up his nose all over his face – in his hair!! Straight in the bath he went.

  10. Caroline H says

    The messiest I've seen the oldest was after his first music festival last year – I have absolutely no idea what most of the muck was!

  11. anna says

    when they went to messy play session and jumped in the tray of slime, or my older one had a habit of painting himself all over with paint

  12. Katherine De Riera says

    I think the messiest my sons have ever been is while making mud pies in the garden, they seem to get covered from head to foot in mud! This looks like a fab product! thankyou for the chance to win!

  13. Maria Jane Knight says

    When we did a chocolate fondue on the bbq, once it has cooled we let our son dip biscuits in the melted chocolate…he covered his face,arms,hands,chest and hair in it. We have a framed photo of it at home…seeing is believing!

  14. Lindsey Jones says

    My son used to like making mud pies with a bucket of water tipped on the mud. I wanted to hose him down before he came in the house lol.

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