Country Kids: Practise Makes Perfect

One of our favourite jaunts is across the Cardiff Bay Barrage to Pizza Express. Today was no exception, and so with The Boy's bike and scooter accompanying us we trotted off in search of dough balls and coffee ice-cream.

It's a beautiful walk on a sunny day and today was just that; the air was crisp and the gloves were on. I love this time of year because the sunsets are beautiful and the light for photography is amazing. And can I just point out that while he's cycling and scooting on a road, no cars are allowed on it so it's safe!

Two thirds of the way across the barrage is a skate park, and I knew that The Boy would find it fascinating as he'd been watching the teenage boys skateboarding past us and he was trying to position his feet in the same way as them.

Pretty soon it was time to continue our journey, but he couldn't quite take his eyes off the stunts they were pulling.

One day my boy, one day.

coombe mill

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  1. says

    awwww what a lovely day out. we have a skate park in the park near us – oh you have been there – but Burton hasnt really taken much notice of it yet. I often wonder if he will be into skateboarding when he is older (or Jenson) – wearing trousers down to his ankles and longish hair ha ha
    The boy is really enjoying his cycling and scooting. you took both with you? are you mad??? lol

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I left it a bit late in the day though and hadn't twigged about sunset; we finished up in Pizza Express at gone seven and it was pitchblack. As a third of the barrage walk is pitch black and quite secluded, Mr. TBaM had to run back across the barrage to drive the car around to come and get us! Need to readjust our timings next time.

      We did indeed take both because we know he likes to alternate.

  2. says

    I love his little bike, I'm starting to look for a tricycle for z now and need to have a good look. Those are some very nice photos. I love the one with the dim light (can you tell I've been to blogcamp? ;))

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The Boy had a Smart Trike before his bike, although they work completely differently which I hadn't realised. A trike just had a pedal attached to the front wheel directly which is how it moves, a bike obviously has a chain and pedals not attached to the wheels. Had I realised this, I might have bypassed the Smart Trike stage and just gone for a bike like this; especially as this has a handle attached so can be used to steer and propel The Boy along, it can be removed after a while. We bought it from Smyth's toy shop.

  3. says

    He is doing so well on his bike there. My boys are still in awe of the kids at skate parks. There are none here but they love to watch in Lewes when we visit Yia Yia and spend hours trying to copy their moves with their scooters and skate board. I think these parks are a really good thing for older boys, definitely better than hanging out on the streets!

  4. says

    I love the pic of the skate boarders….Jack tries to jump on his scooter like Sam does, it's funny to watch! Looks like a great place to learn to ride a bike.

  5. says

    They are fantastic photos. Love that your bike has a handle, what a really good idea. Great that he was so interested in the other children.

    Thank you for linking up with Active Family Month and Motivational Monday.

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