Special K Cracker Crisps & Biscuit Moments (Review)

When I did the Jenny Craig diet over the Summer, the snacks were some of my favourite things in the food parcel. I like a cheeky snack mid afternoon when my energy levels are flagging, and this is the time I'm likely to turn to chocolate, crisps and coffee to keep me going.

The Jenny Craig cereal bars and crisps were great because they provided the required feeling of naughtiness in a measured dose. In addition, after a few days I didn't feel as hungry following the programme of a few snacks a day as it maintained my metabolic rate. Having a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon keeps your system topped up and prevents the hungry feeling which means no gorging at meal time. Obviously though, it's a bit difficult to continue a pricey diet programme just so that I can continue to have the yummy snacks.

I don't like conventional diet snacks: rice cakes make me feel like I'm eating polysterene and seeds are quite frankly for hamsters not humans. This is why I was more than happy to receive some Special K snacks through from Kellogg's to try.

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Special K Cracker Crisps (similar to the Jenny Craig crisps) are a savoury snack made from potato and wheat, and are available in three tasty flavours; sea salt and balsamic vinegar, sweet chilli, and sour cream and chive. They are available in both individual 23g bags akin to conventional crisps (60p a bag), or a 100g box of crisps for in the house (£1.99). We were sent a box of sea salt and balsamic vinegar, and sour cream and chive to try out. At around 95 calories for a 23g bag, they're not a bad little treat, with only 0.5g of saturated fat, 1.5g of sugar and 0.6g of salt (often a hidden issue in snack food). They are also very tasty!

Special K Biscuit Moments come in two different flavours: blueberry and strawberry, and in 25g packs. Each pack contains 98 calories with 0.8g of saturated fat and 8g of sugars/carbohydrates. A light biscuit, similar in taste to a rich tea biscuit, with a jammy filling, they are incredibly more-ish and my favourite snack of late.

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    I love a cheeky snack in the morning or afternoon or actually any time of the day.

    I love the sound of the Special K Biscuit moments. I might sneak those into the shopping this week.

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