I've Always Wanted To Be A 'Trolley Dolly' (Review)

For the past year in Wales, we've had to pay for carrier bags. It's only 5p a bag, but if you're doing a monthly shop in a supermarket and are anything like me, then that could soon mount up and you could be paying £1 just for bags while shopping. Therefore, everyone now uses bags for life or jute shopping bags, which are excellent and sturdy.

To be honest, I'd been using reusable shopping bags since I came across the rather cool designs on Super-U bags in France seven years ago. Sometimes I'd forget to grab some from the boot, or become a little enthusiastic when picking things from the shelf but by and large, I am an Eco warrior and reuse!

Over the years our jute bags have become quite worn and battered, they also take a lot of space up in the boot and trolley. I've been asked to review a Trolley Dolly Primo bag, which I'm a little excited about. I don't think it's normal to be this excited about it but it is what it is and I squealed a little too loudly when I opened the packaging!

reusable shopping bag

The Trolley Dolly bag is a revolutionary shopping bag which is sure to make any shopping experience far easier and less stressful, keeping everything together in one place. Resembling a normal handbag; inside the main section are coloured, strong, nylon shopping bags (in the Primo bag there are nine: seven vest, one box and one bottle) and four mesh bags for loose fruit and vegetables. There is a front pocket with a pen loop, a coupon or loyalty card pocket, and space for purse and keys. On the back there is a clear, plastic pocket to put shopping lists which can be easily seen at all times while shopping. The niftiest bit is that the Velcro holding the handles together is incredibly strong which means that it can suspend from the trolley's handle to access bits and pieces, the shopping list and keep an eye on valuables.

I'm really excited by the Trolley Dolly bag, not only because I think that Mr. TBaM will make more of an effort to actually return the bags to the correct place with this (he's always leaving them in the porch!), but because it's so practical, compact and convenient. The Boy is going to love helping me shop with it too!

reusable shopping bag

Using the Trolley Dolly was incredibly easy and genuinely helpful: The Boy loved helping me pick the fruit and vegetables out and bag them, they weighed virtually nothing so didn't add to the cost at the till; the shopping list was easily visible at all times, which made it so much easier to stick to what I should have been buying; and the handles on the shopping bags are long enough to tied together to stop the food falling out and rolling around the boot.

When I posted a photograph on Instagram, I was asked about how strong the bags were in relation to bottles. They take about 13kg in each bag, but how does that translate to normal shopping?

reusable shopping bag

(Please note that I'm not an alcoholic! I had to sift through various cupboards to find these!)

The Trolley Dolly Primo bag retails for £34.99 from ZPM.

If you enter the discount code THEBOYANDME at checkout, you can receive 15% off a Primo or Eco bag.

I was sent this product to review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    OMG I want one of those! I always get stung when we are in Wales and my father in law always reminds me and them says ' I told you so'. Then back here, I have a gazillion bags for life and do I remember to take them with me – I do not! I may well have to buy one of those, they are amazing!

  2. says

    they look fantastic I am meant to be getting one too and can't wait as we are going to bag charging from next year. I never remember my reusable bags as they are just too bulky but am sure this one will be remembered!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I actually think it's one of the most exciting and useful things I've ever reviewed. My mum's chuckled at it but when I buy her one for Christmas, she'll be laughing on the other side of her face when she sees how useful they are.

  3. Johanna says

    I dunno, you finally review something I'm interested in, and you don't have one to give away!
    I have a collection of bags for life from various places, several made from recycled fabrics. I usually remember to take them with me, but guess what I forgot the last time I went home… I will have to put this on my Wish list.

  4. says

    i thin this is a fab idea because i have a lot of reusable bags but carrying them with me is a pain. such a clever idea and a well written review with great photos to highlight its brilliance x

    great hand work there MrTbaM

  5. says

    my husband keeps moving ours out of the boot of the car – cos they are so buky……drives me demented, so what if they are bulky they dont weight much and there is nothing else in the boot anyway ( apart from HIS wellies, HIS fishing gear, HIS bits and pieces of gardening equipment in case whilst at daughters she wants a quick job doing) I shall say no more apart from Victor Meldrew plays the part of my husband so well!!!

  6. says

    I've just come to this review after seeing the competition b/c I am quite excited by this bag – always leaving our reusable bags in the boot, or not taking enough out with us or ending up using my bags for life to collect spuds in from the allotment. I like this, it's pretty & I'd always have it with me. Love it!

  7. Helen says

    Thank you for reviewing this; it looks excellent and I'm glad there are a few different designs; I prefer the Mini Dot Turq/Choc version.

    Not sure how my husband would look carrying a handbag though; maybe there needs to be a "man" version, ha ha

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