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Anecdote time:

My boss is actually quite good at trying to keep us healthy in school. Admittedly it's probably a self-preservation issue; flu jabs and health checks mean the staff stay in school teaching and the quality of education is maintained. I don't blame her.

A few years ago, we all had cholesterol tests along with other bits and bobs. I say everyone; I didn't. Maybe because I'm slightly stubborn and was also slightly sceptical about the validity of blood-sugarĀ  and cholesterol tests done at midday after lunch, especially when doctors' surgeries ask you to fast for them, or maybe because I'm stubborn and don't like being told what to do.

Anyhow, the two thinnest teachers came back in with shocked faces. Really shocked. Their cholesterol levels were both above 7.5. I gloated quietly and announced that mine (which had been tested the week before) was 4.3.

I know, I'm evil.

Despite my weight, I am fortunate to have a low cholesterol level. I am careful with the amount of fat that we have through dairy products and I try to keep our saturated fat intake to below 5grams. This helps keep my heart healthy. My downfall is that I don't do enough exercise, or hardly any at all. This is no good for a woman who is in her mid-thirties. Diet is important, but not enough on it's own. Exercise needs to be combined with it.

So how many of us have smears, mammograms and everything else concerned with women's health? We know to look out for the signs, right?

But the heart needs looking after too, and I don't just mean in a mushy way.

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