Country Kids: Porthkerry Park

The azure sky and white-hot sun beckoned us out to play today, so we popped our welly-boots on and hot-tailed it down to Porthkerry Park for some fun and games. We'd tried to have fun with The Boy there last year when the new playpark has opened, but he was a little too young for it at the time. Now he's more physically confident, he adored the challenge.

After doing a fantastic impression of Spiderman on the climbing frame, we had a bear hunt through the woods looking for interesting shaped leaves for some art work, and ended up on the beach making pebble towers, plopping and skimming stones and riding fallen trees before squelching our way back through the mud to wrestle our boots off.

porthkerry park

Please excuse the rubbish quality on these images. Taken with my fantabulous dSLR but uploaded via wireless tethering on my phone due to Sky not getting their arses in gear and delivering our new router to us. I miss ADSL.

coombe mill

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  1. says

    Firstly I think the post looks fab. I sympathise with the internet issue though and hope it's resolved quickly.

    Those wellies look great – we find the children struggle on the parks (climbing) in wellies.

    Looks like a fab day.

  2. says

    Ah internet trouble, don't you just hate it! Love your photos anyway and those lovely yellow wellies. The Boy certainly looks full of confidence at the park here, just as I remember him! Thank you for linking up and hope you get your new router super soon x

  3. says

    we also enjoyed a blue sky with sunshine and warm weather. it was gorgeous. your photos are lovely `i love the final one of the boy sat on that tree root. he is really taking those climbing apparatus in his stride – well done him x

  4. Johnson Babies says

    What a great day- that sky looks fantastic. It looks like the Boy is the perfect age to make the most of everything on offer!

  5. Mary says

    Really lovely photos (despite your internet issues) and Porthkerry Park looks like an absolutely fab place. Such a varied environment, it's seems like somewhere you could never tire of. My son Jack is a similar age to your boy, a little younger (I just read your About You page) and it's so much more fun visiting play parks with him now that he can actually do so much more and really get stuck into it. Also a lovely opportunity to wallow in maternal pride witnessing new-found abilities and confidence.

  6. says

    I've not been to Porthkerry for absolutely years – it still seems to hold a sense of wonder for young children. I certainly spent many a happy hour there as a child.

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