Tuesday 25th September 2012 – 'Aeroplane Arms' (269/366)

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  1. Johnson Babies says

    I don't get it, but I love the way instinct at such a young age leads them to holding their arms out. Loving the focus!

  2. Two of Everything says

    That's so clever! Really wish we could go to tumble tots but it's really expensive with two and I only have one pair of hands…!

  3. says

    oh no i missed this one! anyway, i am seeing it now and its great. i love how well he is balancing on that bench and the yellow of his tee shirt matches the yellow of the exercise mat and the bench itself. x

  4. says

    We have never done tumble tots. I think the twins would love it but I'm a bit scared how I'd cope with two of them on balance beams. The boy looks like he's doing well though!

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