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I am currently ignoring the gargantuam monstrosity to my left.

It's calling me as I'm sat here at the dining table and I can smell it. Behind me are more items which are feed for it, there are some in the living room too. I can smell them before I can see them, and they're calling me to merge them all together. But if I do that then… then it will be the same height as the dining table and I don't think I could bear that!

I think you know what I'm talking about dear reader, I think you can tell. Especially you at the back there hiding behind the steam!


Every single week I have good intentions to get the pile done before bed on Sunday night, and every single week it's still there on Tuesday evening when I'm pulling my clothes out to iron for work the next day. Mr. TBaM is no good either despite offering; he spends ten minutes on a pair of trousers which I could have ironed in less than two minutes! I'm also incredibly fussy about the way things are ironed and, more so, folded. One of my greatest pet hates is clothes folded more times than necessary because it means they'll need doing again!

The thing that I hate ironing the most?

Fitted sheets! Pure evil!

The iron-y (ha, get it?!) is that once I start then I enjoy pressing the wrinkles out of our clothes, smelling the hot cotton fragranced with Ecover conditioner. My mum showed me how to iron in my early teens, around the time Mr. TBaM's mother showed him, and I picked up her tips very quickly, adding to them and perfecting my technique. And it's also an incredibly rewarding task, albeit as boring as that episode of Peppa Pig I've seen eleventy billion times!

If I had a steam generator iron then I dare say it would be a lot quicker and easier to get the monster tamed. Over on the Tefal Facebook page at the moment, there is an opportunity to win a steam generator iron just by sharing the way your mum irons. Tefal want to hear all about your mum's little ironing quirks and oddities, visit the Tefal website for more information.

And watch this, because it's funny.

This post has been sponsored by Tefal, but all witterings are my own. As usual.

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