Country Kids: The Garden Of Eden

That right there is sunrise over the garden of Eden. No I don't mean the tourist attraction in Cornwall, I mean the wonderful valley which Coombe Mill nestles in. That was the view that we had each morning when we pulled back the curtains in our cabin.

Breathtaking isn't it?

Little wonder that the three of us spent the entire time smiling, laughing and enjoying the fresh air. The Boy enjoyed a plethora of new experiences, and we both were able to smile and revel in his new found confidence.

This is The Boy who strode into the poultry and wallaby pen on the first morning, who fed donkeys and stroked their noses, who glared down an alpaca. My little precious bundle who walked into the pigs' pen, cuddled their rumps and then uncurled their tails, who walked in amongst the goats and fed them, who walked within ten feet of a deer. This is The Boy who let a fragile chick stand on his head and arm.

coombe mill

And after he'd finished discovering all about the fauna, we popped over to the official Eden Project to take in the flora in the biomes where The Boy saw how bananas grow, that coffee comes in green beans, that those elusive tomatoes which mummy won't let him near (he's allergic) start out green.

The Eden Project

We even picked a grain of rice from their mini paddyfield and saw how hard they are when they come straight from the plant!

Arriving home , Mr. TBaM and I remarked to each other how much he'd grown over the weekend; and as parents isn't that our job? To guide them when exploring their new world.

coombe mill

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  1. says

    Wow, where do I start, I am blown away by the the wonderful photos you always manage to take and to see them of The Boy here at Coombe Mill is very special for me. Loving the title and the fact that I think The Boy wore his Farmer Nick's Little Helpers hat all weekend! Thank you to all 3 of you for being such lovely friendly guests of ours.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He really did wear it all the time, even in Eden! Bearing in mind he wouldn't put it on at the beginning of the first day!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It really was, and 'time out' is exactly what it was. The next day when I was taking the register I couldn't believe that 24 hours before I'd been feeding pigs.

  2. says

    i love this post. your photos of the boy at the farm are so lovely and i have seen a change in him and his confidence over the past few months. he is a treasure and a credit to you and Mr TBaM x x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      That's fantastic to hear that you think his confidence has increased as well. Thank you so much for being so lovely in your comment.

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