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Being a Leo, I'm a little tempestuous and volatile. I know, big shock huh?! Those who only read this blog and have this as the only contact into my world will probably be surprised, those who follow me on twitter and have witnessed occasional but fairly restrained rants will smirk knowingly, those who actually know me (like my family, a few long-term friends, or one or two real-life blogging friends – MammyWoo and Mummy Mishaps) will not be surprised at my revelation that I'm a stroppy-arsed bugger sometimes.

I say all this to you because I have been asked by one of those blogging friends to have a temper tantrum, stamp my foot (it's usually the right one) and declare what I want. Not what needs doing in the house, not what The Boy wants, but me. What is it I want?

So here goes. I WANT:

  • To find something to wear to the MAD Blog Awards next Friday night in London. This is harder than it sounds because I'm a big bird and don't do dresses. Plus I'm going to be surrounded by glamorous mummies in beautiful dresses and my roots need doing.
  • To have a hair appointment magically available so I can get said roots sorted. And for it not to take four hours like the last time he cut and highlighted my hair.
  • To have a pair of ruby slippers or a transporter like on ST:TNG so that I can get to the MADs without having to deal with a two hour train journey to London (albeit in first class). And then to get home the next morning so I can see my boy. I'd also like to use this to nip down to Coombe Mill to enjoy the tractor run, or see the stars at night. Or to take The Boy to Barcelona, or Las Vegas. Be handy for getting a pizza in Capri too.
  • To not have a pile of ironing constantly on the dining table.
  • To have a gardener clear the weeds from my garden because my back and pelvis won't let me.
  • To have Eldorado back on television.
  • To not have to work.
  • To win the lottery so I can have our dream house built with one of those spiral staircase slides installed. And a swimming pool. And a cinema.
  • To not be a heffalump. This would make finding an outfit for the MADs easier.
  • To not feel like I'm losing the plot sometimes.
  • To have David Tennant back in Doctor Who. Matt Smith is bloody rubbish.
  • To have people in school realise that just because I'm the ICT co-ordinator it doesn't mean I'll help them buy a personal laptop, or sort out their mobile phones or change the ink cartridge, or be their personal assistant when creating a table in Publisher. None of this involves the teaching of ICT to the children.
  • To understand the Tots100.
  • To be able to eat what I want without gaining half a stone at each meal. (This is only slightly exaggerated.)
  • To have teeth that don't actually fall apart when I chew on a piece of cheese. (This is not exaggerated.)
  • To have people realise that when I say I'm an anonymous blogger that does not mean it's ok to share my name or a photo of me.
  • To know who Kat is sleeping with.
  • To find out why Sharon does that weirdy wide eye thingy.
  • To have ready access to new episodes of Gossip Girl that focus on Chuck Bass.
  • To be able to go to bed before eleven every night.
  • To not have low self-esteem.
  • To not have anxiety attacks that result in hysteria on a London tube platform.
  • To win the photography award next Friday. (There I said it!)
  • White chocolate.
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  1. says

    Just wear something you're comfortable in for the MADS. Last year I got a dress, and felt like a trussed up turkey (don't ask). Wished I'd got a nice sparkly top and some trousers.
    And why do you of all people have low self esteem? You're incredibly supportive and a lovely blogger (and person too, I'm sure). We all know this. You should too.
    With you on David Tennant. He's much sexier. Just don't GET Matt Smith.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I didn't really feel comfortable in the top once I'd seen everyone's beautifully small dresses. Hey ho 🙁

      Not sure why I've got low self-esteem but I think it might stem from being an average ability child in a private school who was there on an assisted place. Never felt good enough.

      DT is divine, MS is rather minging.

  2. Twopointfourchildren says

    Wear trousers and a top and be comfortable. I too loved eldorado and can be a grumpy mare. Lastly how dare someone share your name and photos. Oh and as you do ICT in school can you talk to me about some tablets??

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Naff off re: tablets 😉 (I'm jesting, DM me what you're after)

      I wore trousers and a top was felt comfortable physically but in comparison to everyone else I was a fish out of water.

  3. Jenny Paulin says

    Ha ha great post and list. I don't really give a hoot who Kat is / was sleeping with stupid bloody story line and Shazza is annoying!!
    Seriously, just wear what you feel comfy in. There will be bloggers going who are slimmer and younger than you and with no need for highlights or hair colour, but jus be true to yourself and comfortable with your clothes and you will be fine and have a wonderful time and you may win that award which would top the night of and I would be delighted for you. It's what's on the inside that counts – remember that and you will be fine x x x

  4. Suzanne says

    Well The Mads sound like they're going to be a blast so whatever you wear, wear it with pride for all of us lowly newbies who can only dream of such dizzy heights! Am with you on wanting to understand the Tots100 and Who is Sharon with the wide eyes?!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Sharon Watts/Wicks/Rickman/Mitchell from Eastenders.

      It was a great time at the MADs and I was really lucky to attend.

  5. says

    I love your list, and your honesty.
    I wish you weren't so hard on yourself. You WILL look glamorous at the MADS.
    I'm assuming Sharon annoys you as much as she does me?
    I have a feeling we find out the Kat thing at Christmas….and I have a feeling I know who it is…..

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I didn't look glamorous, I felt awful in comparison to everyone else. I need serious liposuction and tummytuck, stat!

      Christmas for Kat? That's ridiculous!

  6. says

    You will find an outfit thIs weekend… You will you will you will! And you'll look utterly glamorous next Friday! I want to know who Kat is sleeping with too, I'm still a bit stunned about how that's panned out so far (Alfie: "I can't believe you had an affair". Kat: "I know! I know! But let's run away together!"… Alfie: "Ok then!"… Eh????)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I did find an outfit and I felt like mutton dressed as lamb. I can't get how Alfie keeps putting up with her behaviour!

  7. mammywoo says

    ok i was totally kidding! hahahaha

    i love you and your stroppiness and your honesty and i bloody love some of these.

    Particularly and in no order – Eldorado back on the telly. I was in Eldorado once. It was filmed about twenty minutes away from where i grew up. In fact, i want to add one to my list – i want to not have lost my virginity with one of the crappy people who worked on it! ha ha there i said it!!!

    I also love that you admit you want to win. So do i. Winning will be amazing if i do but i also cannot wait to share a room with you and fill an entire night when we should be sleeping with gossip and laughter! I have shitty pjamas and i fart a lot, just fyi so don't worry about getting nice pjamas on my behalf.

    i also think whatever you wear you will look gorgeous because you are not a heffalump. You are a kind hearted grumpy beauty who i adore.

    I also want white chocolate – ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

    I also want a pizza from capri, have you ever had one? i once read a book about capri and i was starving all the way through it cos the main character kept having pizza!!

    I dont watch DR who but i want greys anatomy to feature chuck bass…

    I love your list. Thank you for taking part.

    like i said earlier.

    Wicked blog.

    SPECIFICALLY all of it. 🙂


    • TheBoyAndMe says

      You were in Eldorado? Did you get to see Marcoooos?! Which crappy person? Please not Blair?!

      You let me down by not farting! I had to wait until the morning when you were asleep and pop down to the public loos in the lobby!

      I have had a pizza in Capri, we stayed there for three nights before we had The Boy. Capri once the tourists have gone is amazing. We stayed there because I'd read 'I Love Capri' by Belinda Jones, and even went and found the places she mentions!

      Chuck Bass in anything would be good right now, including Eastenders as long as he's not the one Kat is shagging.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Because he's realised it's a good option. I remember seeing David Tennant on Richard and Judy's afternoon show a day or so after Christopher Ecclestone quit, and he was talking about how much of a fan he was of the show. A few weeks later he was announced as the successor.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I took it with me but I didn't need it! I might in normal class this Friday though!

      And it's firmly in my handbag now.

  8. says

    Awww lol. Made me giggle. Honey – I just recently went to a wedding in Portugal and wept at the pictures afterwards, I dressed in a ruby red slip dress that looked GORGEOUS before I became a mummy. Everyone else was in comfy maxi dresses and little shrugs, and I looked like I was auditioning for the role of Mrs Christmas! My advice is to visit Pepperberry and buy something you'll wear again and again, don't pick silk, and cover your arms! I wish someone would have given me this advice earlier xx

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'm far too fat for silk, and my arms are too fat for sleeveless. I wore a top and troursers and felt a lot more comfortable.


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