Thursday 20th September 2012 – 'Spread' (264/366)

The Boy has been quite disturbed at around 5 o'clock every morning lately. This morning neither of us could deal with it, and as he was sobbing about how he wanted his sandwiches back, he was having a nightmare and needed a cwtch. Mr. TBaM brought him into bed with us and he cuddled up in my arms. After 45 minutes of being prodded in the face with his elbow, I let him settle in the middle of us and turned over to get an hour's sleep before the alarm went off. Mr. TBaM was under orders to turn it off straight away so as not to disturb The Boy, and when we both sat up to get to it quickly, The Boy stretched out. Clearly we weren't going to be sneaking an extra five minutes in!

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      They really do toss and turn don't they? We both usually end up turning out back on him otherwise we get a foot in the stomach or chest at some point.

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