Tini-Copter (Review & Giveaway)

Mr. TBaM is a typical man and likes playing with little gadgetty toys. Therefore when I was recently sent the Tini-Copter from 50fifty to try, I handed it over straightaway to him.

remote-contolled helicopter

Ok, in all honesty it wasn't straightaway because I had a play with it first and then we had a little battle over who was going to have the next go. Then we had a competition over who could get it to take off, could fly it without it crashing it into the ceiling and then started chasing each other with it.

Back to basics: the Tini-Copter is one of the smallest 3.5 channel infra-red helicopters on the market. It's approximately 2.5 inches long and incredibly lightweight, the remote control sits nicely in both hands with a joystick on each handle to steer the mini helicopter. There is a flip-up charger in the remote control which attaches into the Tini-Copter and charges up the helicopter within 20-30 minutes giving 5-8 minutes. The remote control takes six AAA batteries. I was concerned with it's robustness and the fragility of the propellors, however the amount of times I crashed it (not Mr. TBaM I hasten to add) indicated it was very flexible and robust.

It's a very nifty remote controlled helicopter and moves quickly, too quickly to video. It had us both competing to play with it and was great fun. The Tini-Copter is suitable for children 8 years+ and I'd agree with that, it would be a good present for boys that age or older. Or indeed middle-aged men! At £30.00 it does seem a little pricey but for a young teen it would be a good present.

I have four of these to give away just in time to start thinking about Christmas. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent this product for the purpose of the review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Johanna says

    Is it quite complicated? Eleri loves remote controlled flying things, but she's only 5. She had the little flashy UFO from Boots a couple of years ago; it stopped working last year, don't know why. Maybe it bounced of the ceiling once too often!

  2. Alexis Pettie says

    Id love a remote control bottle of Jack Daniels, one that pours my drink just the way i like it and never runs dry, mm that would make me extremely happy (and maybe a bit drunk, lol)

  3. Sarah M says

    A remote controlled hot drinks dispenser that delivers it to my bed in the morning! That would be lovely, just dreaming though haha ;-P

  4. Lorraine/Squeaky Mom says

    I could do with a remote controlled potty-emptier. Especially for the really pleasant morning potties when I'm not in the frame of mind to deal with my OWN bathroom needs, never mind Squeaky's.

    (Alternatively a roomba so I don't have to hoover!)

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