Country Kids: At Home With Coombe Mill

We've come for a short break down to Coombe Mill for a few days and I have to say that I think I've found paradise on Earth! Having been to a few places that have Scandinavian lodges as their accommodation, it is refreshing to come to a similar place but with the difference that this has the great outdoors as the entertainment and what an outdoors it is.

This thirty acre site has a beautiful and melodic river running through it which is the soundtrack to our stay, a plethora of children's play areas for different abilities and desires, and the most fantastic animal farm we've seen.

Yesterday we had fun exploring the play areas…

… including some twilight trampoline jumping!

Today we set off after a hearty breakfast to enjoy the feed run. I'll admit I was sceptical about this as The Boy has always been apprehensive about animals, especially those which are similar in size to him, so I expected lots of, "Can you carry me?!"


… he even told us he uncurled the pig's tail!

But for him the best bit of the day was this…

… under a small amount of direction, he was genuinely steering this tractor!

coombe mill

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  1. says

    looks like you're having a great time…..good job The Boy has his eye on the ball with Farmer Nick looking behind him! great pics…enjoy the rest of your stay

  2. Two of Everything says

    It looks like you're having a rather good time! It really is a fabulous place, we loved it. And it does have a special way of drawing the children in – even my little girl was brave enough to touch the animals by the second day, it's like magic!

      • TheBoyAndMe says

        I have always wanted to take The Boy on a farm holiday as an infant but didn't fancy being woken up at God knows what time by chickens. At Coombe Mill, that doesn't happen because they're across the river and far enough away. While still technically a working farm, it doesn't have herds of cows crossing under your bedroom window in the morning! I'd recommend everyone to go!

  3. says

    It sounds like a great holiday and I enjoyed seeing all the instagram photos as you went along. I'm such an urban girl that feeding animals would fill ME with dread, but I might give Combe Mill a go in future

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'm a city girl too, but actually the place was full of London Middle-class types with children getting stuck in. Coombe Mill is a good halfway point for someone who's anxious around animals.

  4. says

    am not jealous in the slightest!!! awww i love the photos showing your boy getting stuck in and enjoying himself. thats what a holiday is all about, experiencing so many new things 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It amazed me because he strode in there on the first day and got stuck in with the chickens and geese. Then he was hugging the goats and pigs with such glee it was like I was looking at another child.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's just like paradise; the river and the donkey braying are the only noises, and at night the sky is so clear you can see every star.

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