The Things They Say

The Boy has come out with some crackers today, really made me chuckle a lot. We're currently in the car on our way down to the Southampton area for the weekend and he's wide awake and very cheeky! It's 8.30 and he's showing no sign of slumber.

"Daddy? Daddy! Daddy, can you see anything?"
"No, why?"
"Don't worry, it's just because it's dark. Turn your headlights on!"

"Mummy? Mummy! Where is the hot coming from?"
"It's the battery working on the Kurio darling."
"No, it's coming from the hotdog!"


"Why are all the bugs attacking me at the moment? Leave me alone!" (A moth had just flown at my ear and a spider had crawled up my leg)
"I know why mummy, it's because they think you're a flower!"

But the best one from today was when we'd just been to the doctor's and had seen my (not obviously pregnant) friend in the waiting room. We'd just got in the car and were driving up a busy residential road which meant I was concentrating on the traffic and not on his questions.
"Mummy, does she have a child?"
"No darling."
"Is she going to have one?"
"Yes sweetheart. It's growing in her tummy."
"Like I did in yours?"
"Yes darling."
"Mummy, how will it get out?"
A car pulls out in front causing me to pull out the way quickly.
"Um, mummies have a special way to get babies out."
"How mummy?"
"Shush now, I'm driving!"


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  1. Tina says

    I remember my son ages 3 asking the same question, I replied that mummys have an extra hole for babies… One hour later in a crowded part of the village, and in a VERY loud voice he asked Can I see the hole that babies come out off!!

    er No was my reply ! 😉

  2. Johanna says

    The Boy is 3 now isn't he? So about the same age that R was when I was pregnant with E.
    We bought her 'Mummy Laid an Egg' by Babette Cole. If you haven't got it, buy it! It was recommended by lots of people, and I concur. It is simple, straight forward, has just the right level of information for children to cope with. R wasn't too bothered about the mechanics, she found the other information and pictures in the book far more interesting!

  3. says

    The baby question came up for me when I was pregnant with my youngest. My then 4 year old asked me if it came out of my mouth! *shudders*
    That was easy compared to when they realised that the baby had to get in there somehow…..

    I love the flower comment – so sweet.

  4. Jenny Paulin says

    It is funny the way their little minds work isn't it? I expect he will be asking you about babies again soon though, they never forget…..for long at least x

  5. says

    had the spider crawled up my leg there would have been a major pile up on the road as I ejected myself from the car whilst it still moving.
    Yes they do come up with some very clever comments that have you in fits, but not always in the right place and time

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