Saturday 1st September 2012 – 'The Big Screen' (245/366)

On Thursday I spied an advert for the new Thomas the Tank Engine film: Blue Mountain Mystery. We'd been invited to the premier of it at ThomasLand this forthcoming Tuesday, but unfortunately I've been asked to work that day and we can't go. I was really disappointed about that and so therefore booked the tickets quickly.

It's the first time we've been to the cinema with The Boy; he's never sat through an entire film on DVD at home before and only manages it in the car because he's strapped in and can't go anywhere! However, I was sure that he'd love it because it was Thomas. I wasn't wrong! The film is really lovely, there's something really special about seeing the little blue steam engine that big on the screen, and the animation was excellent; it looked almost 3D at times. After a while he climbed on my lap for a cuddle, because those are awfully big seats when you're three and Diesel is being naughty again.

Blue Mountain Mystery is on across the country and you can find venues here or buy the DVD here. (Not sponsored, just sharing!)

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    Glad he enjoyed it, I can't imagine Leo sitting in a cinema but I think like The Boy he'd sit through that 🙂 He was building his tracks at 6am this morning! I'm actually looking forward to seeing the film myself lol

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    Yay! We had our first time at the cinema recently too. It's one of those firsts that you can both enjoy. I spent half the time thinking she would get up and leave at any point but she loved it too!

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