Country Kids: In The City

The very title of this post is an oxymoron, but as I live on the outskirts of Cardiff it's very difficult to ignore all that it has to offer. I also know that Coombe Mill's intention with this linky is to encourage outdoor play away from electrical devices. So I'm going with it.

The weather's been relatively sunny this weekend but I can feel the turn in the air; it's been less of a t-shirts and shorts weekend, and more of a trousers and cardigan time. It also feels like we haven't done very much over the weekend, but having gallivanted around the country for the past few weeks it's been nice to just stop and relax.

On Saturday we took The Boy over to Roath Park so he could practise his scooting and bike-riding. Unforunately he was a lazy monkey and wouldn't ride properly which resulted in him being removed from said bike and mummy getting cross with him. He had a fantastic time on the longest slide in the city anyway, and while he started out cautiously he soon built up his confidence!

He was also fascinated by the listening funnels (don't know what they're really called) on the climbing frame, and the cargo net which six months ago would have given him a challenge proved too easy now.

On Sunday we popped over to Cardiff Bay to have dinner at Pizza Express and then give The Boy a chance to scoot around. He is so confident on it and really loves going as fast as he can. I know given time he'll be the same on his bike. We also taught him how to use the brake on his scooter because at the moment he does this funny little galloping hop to stop. It was fantastic to see the sheer exhilaration on The Boy's face as he steamed past the couples and families walking along, and a sense of pride came over me when I saw them smiling at his enjoyment.

And no trip to Cardiff Bay is complete without a turn on the carousel.

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  1. says

    my two were using the ear trumpet funnel things last week, they love using them. Its great how they soon gain in confidence once they learn a new skill. Bob still cant ride a bike but will need to get him one and try him where we have more time than mummy to try him.

  2. says

    I love that photo of The Boy laughing at the bottom of the slide, I can see Mr The Boy in his face more and more. Where would the English language be with out great words like oxymoron! You are quite right though and despite the linky name outdoors of any sort is good with me. Thanks for linking up your city day, I hope I get to Cardiff one day, the bay looks like the sort of City scene I would enjoy, I wonder if it is a little like Brighton?

  3. Jennypaulin says

    He looks so happy in all of these photos 🙂 and very confident too. I have definitely noticed a change in him over the last few months. I can't wait to take my two on an old fashioned carousel x

  4. says

    It's funny I am a Country Bumpkin as my hubby calls me, I grew up without TV or computers, trees were our toys, my hubby grew up in a large town, yet now we both like the opposite, I hate to go camping etc.
    But I am so proud that my bubbas love the outdoors, Addy would be very jealous of the boy on that slide, carasols arew my all time fave, when I win the lottery I shall be buying one.
    Gorgeous pics as always

  5. mammywoo says

    Oh my goodness he has changed so much! He looks so confident and that smile is worth a million dollars. Gorgeous photos! Also i cant believe he is on a scooter, that is amazing for his age!!! x

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