Eye Candy Magnetic Wave Nail Varnish (Giveaway)

Before I became a teacher I used to paint my nails all the time. In university, black, plum or pewter were my colours of choice. Becoming a teacher (and constantly washing paint pots up) spoilt that for me, and then becoming a mother made it doubly impossible. However I miss doing my nails as I feel infinitely more feminine with a nice lacquer on my fingernails.

However, I recently was sent some new nail varnishes to try out. Eye Candy launched nationwide in Sainsbury's stores in April and have a range of colours in a variety of effects. Now I'm not one for nail art, I truly dislike the patterns and detailing that is very fashionable nowadays. Personally, I prefer blocks of colour, normally metallic sheens to them as well.

Eye Candy have six different effects out at the moment:

  • Colour Flip (a metallic colour flip 'technology' gives a dual hue finish: Green with Envy, Regally Yours, Liquid Gold and Sexy and You Know It, i.e. blue!)
  • Magnetic Wave (contains tiny metallic micro minerals and iron particles. Paint your nails and move the magnetic lid over the nail to create a wave effect: Arctic, Bourdeaux and Espresso)
  • Cracklin' (paint over the top of your normal nail varnish and it cracks: Rose or Star)
  • Nail Lacquers (normal varnish: a range of colours from blue through to yellow via neon pink and deep purple)
  • Graphite (Limited Edition Silvery Grey)
  • London Lights (Holographic top coat)

These are in addition to the base coat and top coat that they sell (Β£6 each).

This photo shows (top row): top coat, Colour Flip in Green with Envy, and Limited Edition Graphite; (bottom row) base coat, Magnetic Wave in Arctic, Espresso and Bourdeaux.

While I was trying out the Magnetic Wave Bourdeaux, I remembered my sister first teaching me to paint my nails twenty years ago. Which made me feel old. However, some tips:

  • buff your nails first to get rid of the lines and indentations;
  • use a base coat to protect your nails (especially from discolouration);
  • one swipe down the centre, one either side and one back over the middle per nail. Stay away from the sides and cuticles by 1-2mm to allow the nail to grow up and not drag the cuticles with it;
  • apply a top coat once dry to help protect the varnish;
  • use a cotton bud and nail varnish remover afterwards to remove any droplets of smudges on the skin.

I didn't remember any of this until after I'd put the base coat on so couldn't be bothered to go back and buff my nails. However, I still think that they turned out quite well and I like the effect of the magnetic wave in the block of colour. With a base coat and top coat, and a three year old son to deal with, the nail varnish lasted three days before I needed to touch up the chips.

If you'd like to win one of five Eye Candy Magnetic Wave nail lacquers (in the colour of your choice)worth Β£10, then fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. abigail edkins says

    I do like a green especially in the spring/summer. I like to try and be a little adventurous and try to match it to the colour eyeshadow im wearing.

  2. Laura Chapman says

    My favourite colour is a deep emerald green. I love it because green's my favourite colour and generally matches what ever I wear!

  3. julie kenny says

    I love deep reds xx so lovely that you remember your sister teaching you to paint your nails – my eldest has just this week been teaching my youngest little girl how to paint hers xx

  4. Tina says

    I love nail polish so much I have so many favorites, anything twinkly! and these look great…I think the best nail I have done recently I painted my toes alternate red,white, blue and my big toe with a union jack! looked very effective…

  5. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    My favourite is black, but only because I've not found just the right shade of olive green or gunmetal yet!!!

  6. Caroline H says

    I'm loving burgundy at the moment – I don't feel that the rest of me has to be as dressed up as I do when wearing red polish, and it looks great on shorter nails so I don't need to panic when I snap one, as I frequently do!

  7. Angela Kate Webster says

    Purples are my favorite. There are so many shades out there that there is always a purple for any occasion.

  8. Dawn Walsh says

    favourite colour has to be either neutrals, that give a sheen but don't show the chips or a really vibrant blue for when I want my nails noticed

  9. says

    It changes from day to day, but I am loving coral at the moment, as well as a bright pink that I bought last week! πŸ™‚

    Janey L

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