Slow Cooker Sunday: Fruit Medley

As Mediocre Mum is still enjoying the balmy weather in Canada, it falls on me to host #SCSunday again after the sterling job from Plus2Point4 last week.

Fruit Medley

What do you do when you have a ton of fruit that you bought last week when you started your diet, and haven't managed to eat it all? Especially peaches which are beginning to look decidely dodgy? Peel them and bung them in the slow cooker for two hours on low!

Added to the peaches were cherries and a bramley apple to counter the sweetness. I then might have sprinkled on some cinnamon and glugged in a slosh of Disaranno. Because I felt like it.

I was going to serve it with fat-free vanilla yoghurt which would have made it ├╝ber-diet food, but quite frankly I craved ice-cream after 9 days on this diet, so I had a small amount of Cornish dairy ice-cream instead!

If you've got a Slow Cooker recipe to share, then please add it to the linky below. It doesn't have to have been done in a slow cooker, as long as it was cooked slowly.

TheBoyandMe's Slow-Cooker Sunday

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      They just taste so yummy don't they? Really seems naughty and isn't at all (unless you whack on the Cornish ice-cream!)

  1. says

    Sounds very yummy. Might do the same next time i have a vat of fruit on the side! Bet my beanzy would like it too. Am going to follow your slow cooker stuff – I only got mine earlier this year and am still experimenting

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