Friday 10th August 2012 – 'The Boy, The Conquerer' (223/366)

When we went to Puxton's Park with the Mummy Mishaps lot yesterday, there was a jumping pillow that The Boy was desperate to go on. He tried running up the sides of it but it had a steep incline and the big children bouncing around at the top meant that the sides kept billowing out as he was trying to run up. He kept going again and again, but each time he came tumbling down the sides, bouncing onto the sand and sobbing in frustration. It was all I could do not to run up there with him, instead I washed his sandy feet and kissed his tears away.

Today, we went to Cattle Country in Gloucestershire and they had a jumping pillow for under four year olds. This time, the incline was less, with no big children. He spent a very happy fifteen minutes jumping around and laughing as he landed on the sand. I'm glad he persevered.

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  1. says

    There is a bouncy pillow at the Cotswold Farm park near us and the kids love it! I think they are a great idea! I hadn't heard of Cattle Country until Pink Oddy mentioned it the other day, it looks like a great day out. Lovely photo as always x

  2. Johnson Babies says

    That looks amazing! Such a great show of perseverance from the Boy! Think Cattle Country may have to go on our list of places to visit.

  3. Two of Everything says

    My little girl was desperate to have a go on that at Puxton when we were on our journey to Coombe Mill – she would have stood no chance against all those big ones! So glad The Boy managed to get on the other one, it's so lovely when they achieve something all by themselves!

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