Country Kids: Ahoy There M'Hearties!

In a break in the weather this weekend we decided that The Boy needed some more practise scooting and pedalling, and so we packed up various paraphernalia and headed down to Cardiff Bay Barrage. It's an ideal place for The Boy to practise his bike-riding because it's completely flat and there is no traffic on the road.

It's normally packed down there, especially on a Sunday, but there was only a handful of people around! It meant that The Boy had plenty of space tonot perfect his steering, but to focus on not falling off his scooter as he noticed the mud dredgers in the Bristol Channel. We then ended up like typical parents, having to carry his scooter while he rode the rest of the way to the sand park three quarters of the way across.

It's a fantastic park, completely enclosed with only one way in and out, but the best bit is the theme: it continues the maritime theme by having a 'shipwrecked' pirate ship 'sunk' into the sand. As there wasn't another child in sight, The Boy had free run of the park and we spent a good half an hour or so there, pretending to be pirate captains.

We haven't been there in about two months, and it was fantastic to see the difference in The Boy's physical development. This time he was perfectly confident and happy to climb the nets or the climbing wall whereas before he's been too worried about falling and hurting himself. He's had a growtth spurt at the moment so I think it helped that he could reach the next step each time.

cardiff bay barrage pirate park

cardiff bay barrage pirate park

I'm hoping that this boost in confidence will help him keep up with Burton from Mummy Mishaps when we meet up on Thursday!

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  1. says

    Watch out Burton, the Boy looks like he has found his climbing form! Practice cycling and a whole sand park to yourselves, how lucky was that? I can't believe more people weren't doing the same as you, looks like The Boy has so much confidence now climbing and playing. He will be racing round our play areas come September! Thanks for linking up, lovely post with such happy photos.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'm completely flabberghasted that there weren't any children there, the park is always full! He really is thriving physically and I'm so proud of him.

  2. says

    That looks like a great place to play, and how cool you had it too yourselves! That's something I need to get doing with Leo again soon as he's not that confident on climbing and things like that.

  3. says

    that looks like an amazing place to play, climb and have fun! i wish we had somewhere like that nearby. You were very lucky to have the place to yourselves!! we will have to come up and meet you there one day 🙂

  4. Tinuke says

    Oh very nice for The Boy! That's a really nice park. We managed to get a softplay centre to ourselves recently which was quite surreal!
    Have fun with Burton and Mummy Mishaps!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      We've once had a soft play centre *almost* to ourselves, there were three other children there. You're right it is very surreal. We had a great time with Burton and Mummy Mishaps, thanks.

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