Little Charley Bear on Safari DVD (Review)

We've reviewed a couple ofLittle Charley Bear DVDs in the past and have always really enjoyed them. We both love the imaginative play element, the visual element is excellent with plain backgrounds that draw the viewer's atention to the main focus of Charley, and James Corden as the narrator is genius.

Which is why I was more than happy to review the new DVD: Charley on Safari.

Included in this DVD where Charley and friends set off on a voyage of discovery through a series of magical jungle adventures, is a small Little Charley Bear figurine.

Featuring 56 minutes of Charley fun in the following episodes:

  • Charley on safari
  • The Charleysaurus
  • Monkeying with Midge
  • Charley Snaps
  • Castaway Charley
  • Sandcastle for Caramel
  • Bear at sea
  • Underwater explorer Charley

This is another winner with the added bonus of the figure which now goes everywhere with us!

‘Charley on Safari’ on sale at the RRP of £12.99.

I was sent this DVD for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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