Sand Art Party (Review)

A few months ago we had the chance to try out the home Sand Art packs from Kids Bee Happy. They were a great success and we had great fun doing such a different crafty activity. When The Boy's birthday was approaching, I contacted Kids Bee Happy about the possibility of reviewing their parties, and we arranged a discounted rate with the franchise owner in Cardiff.

For those who are now wondering what Sand Art is, it's a very clever craft activity involving a self-adhesive card covered in a picture split into sections. One at a time, you peel off each section to reveal that stick section and pour coloured sand on to 'colour' that section in. You build up the picture, section at a time until you end up with a fantastic picture like this:

home craft

Like many children's party entertainers, Kids Bee Happy come to your party, you don't have to go to them. Originally we were going to have the party in the garden, but as it was a monsoon in the week before the party, I hired a church hall. The coloured sand is kept in bowls in specially created tables which measures about 2mx1m. The children move around the two tables as they choose their colours for their picture. There is space on the table for them to peel off the paper sections, and then they hold the pictures over the bowl while they pour the sand on. This means that there is minimal mess, and bearing in mind The Boy's party consisted of eight children aged two-four years, a six year old, a nine year old and a ten year old, there really was barely any mess on the floor.

Sandhya, the owner of the Cardiff Kids Bee Happy franchise, arrived before the party started and ten minutes later was ready to start with the children. It was no surprise to see that within a second of starting to explain to the children, she had them eating out of the palm of her hand; she is a teacher and used to engaging children.


The best bit about the Sand Art parties is that the children can take a break from the activity and come back to it later after a run around, or after eating food. All the children, and parents were focused and captivated for at least half an hour, before bouncing off their energy on the bouncy castle and then eating party food. During that time, Sandhya was able to laminate the pictures that had been completed and prepare for the next onslaught round.

Sand Art is a really easy option for a party which provides children with a different activity to one they may normally come across at friend's celebrations. Prices start from £99 for ten children each making two pictures. And of course the price of the party can be offset against party bags: you don't need them because the pictures are their party gift.

There were a mix of personality types at The Boy's party (quiet and boisterous), yet every child was engaged and enjoying the activity and loved taking home pictures that they had made and were ready to hang on the wall. Their parents were in awe of the concept and commented how much they'd enjoyed themselves as well.

So, would I have this party again and would I pay full price next time? Yes! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to order some more home packs to do with The Boy over the Summer.

I received a discount on the price of a party in exchange for this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    it is nice to something different, parties seem to go in spates, McD, soft play, local community centre etc and it really is nice to have an original idea. looks well organised but still fun. well done on negotiating a discount

  2. Lorraine/Squeaky Mom says

    Heh! I saw this review in person at the weekend, as Sandhya & Kids Bee Happy were at the Cardiff Baby Show. Made me smile seeing you in print on her stand.

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