Sponsored Video: A TomTom Summer in Cape Verde

Rubbish, isn't it?

It's the 16th July and we're supposed to be in the height of Summer, yet my heating is on and thermostat is set at 22°C because it's that cold.



By this time last year, we were spending every weekend on the beach of south Wales, building sandcastles, having picnics, padding in the sea, applying factor 50 sunscreen to our golden skin to ensure the blazing sun didn't burn us. And today? Today I went out with a waterproof mac and boots on, sporting a golfing umbrella that I couldn't keep upright because of the strength of the wind.

And despite having vowed that we would not be taking The Boy abroad until the age of 5 years because I can't stand the stress, I am finding myself entertaining the thought of a weekend in Barcelona where I know it will be warm and sunny, and I can remember what it feels like with the sun caressing your skin.


Which is why the concept of spending two weeks on a tropical island like Cape Verde is so enticing. And even better would be to receive €10,000 for the priviledge of doing so. Sounds heavenly doesn't it?

TomTom have launched a competition for five families (or groups of friends) to map various islands for them, this week's is Cape Verde. Successful families will need to explore Cape Verde in a specially equipped mapping car. And although no mapping experience is needed, a love of visiting rainforests, banana and coconut plantations is, along with an enjoyment of great weather. This mapping field work will take anything from a day to two weeks depending on how much time is spent sunbathing, swimming or exploring!


For more information about the competition visit the TomTom Summer site.

This is a sponsored post.

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  1. cakesphotoslife (Angie) says

    Now that's sounds exciting, may have to try that, we love exploring the out of reach places, hubby will drive for hrs looking for something a bit unknown to us and the majority of people xxx

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