Elderflower Season With bottlegreen

When I was pregnant with The Boy, one of the few things that kept me going through the five months of nonstop nausea was fizzy, sweet drinks. Obviously I didn't want my teeth to fall out so seriously limited my intake of cola drinks and the healthier, gentler drink which really helped to settle my stomach was elderflower spritzer. bottlegreen was my brand of choice because the taste was far superior to many imitators out there, and three years later it's still one of my favourite drinks.

This Summer, bottlegreen have launched a limited edition design on their elderflower cordial and pressé bottles. The frosted white and green print it eye catching and very attractive, it certain makes it more attractive to put on the dinner table for Summer lunches, especially if we're (ever able to) sit outside on the weekend with friends and family. Light and refreshing, the pressé is my favourite (non-alcoholic) Summer drink.


bottlegreen limited edition elderflower is available from all major supermarkets. The pressé is £2.39 and the cordial from £3.15.

I was sent a bottle of each for the purpose of this post.

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