Country Kids: A Cloudy Carnival

Every Summer our town has a holiday fortnight, culminating in a carnival and fireworks.

Well it used to be a fortnight, and it used to have a parade with about thirty floats in it. It also used to be sunny in the Summer but there you go. I wonder if it was health and safety that put pay to that as well? The dreaded H&S ensured the end of our very popular parade as community groups and schools could no longer afford the spiralling costs of the insurance. We haven't had floats in about ten years, nowadays it's a walking parade which quite frankly, is pants. And because there's no focal point for the day now, it has slowly dwindled to a handful of stalls down the beach front, a few children's rides, and a few bands who take their turn.

Today was carnival day, so we prepared to head down to the beachfront late afternoon. And while we were standing in the porch it started to rain. Just for a change. So we donned waterproofs and wellies, and trundled down anyway.

While everyone else was huddling under any shelter they could find, we splashed through the puddles. All three of us. We had great fun, as did the people watching us. Sometimes you just have to embrace the weather and deal with it.

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    Funnily enough it was Carnival night for us too! Our village floats are also not as plentiful as they used to be for all the same reasons, however we still had a fair turn out and contributed with a float of our own which probably be my next Country Kids linky for next week! Sad to see H&S get the better of a good community event but glad to see you and The Boy made the best of the situation. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

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    I am so with you on embracing the weather. At the moment if we let the weather dictate we would never go out!

    It looks like you still had lots of fun and Peppa puddle splashing is always a giggle.

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics!

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    I like the idea of a town carnival, we don't have anything like that (unless you count an annual witch walk). Love how kids don't care about the weather, they just find fun and happiness in any weather. Think I need to do the same!

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    funnily enough i was thinking that i mighty put our rain suits on and just go out and get wet ins one puddles after all if you can't beat the rain, go get wet!!
    i love the boy's raincoat btw . i bet you all had a blast !

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