Saving The Pennies

I'm counting down the days to the end of term at the moment. In all honesty, I'm counting down the hours and minutes. I can't wait for six whole weeks with my little boy, rain or shine. Six whole weeks of making and cooking, painting and building, running and climbing, singing and laughing. Six whole weeks of time together, restrengthening out relationship that I feel weakens during term time. Enjoying every second together, but also helping him develop into an independent boy who has learnt a whole load of skills.

Looking at the few calendars I've got lying around (and realising I need to tie them all together!), I can see that we've also got many weekends full of lovely family time; weekends away, and in the house playing and having fun. However, looking at the many events and days out that we've got organised makes me realise two things: we need to make sure we're not spending too much money (why is it that seven days out can cost more than two weeks holiday?!), and that we need to make sure that with us absent from the house as much as we're going to be, that it's secure and safe.

We're in the process of reassessing our finances with the usual checklist of home and contents insurance, car insurance, life assurance etc. We've actually sold Mr. TBaM's car, as since changing jobs in April he's used it about seven times. One less car insurance and tax to worry about. That leaves house insurance and my car insurance to worry about, as we've already checked off the life cover. We have used many different price comparison websites in the past, and the one that I genuinely find the most efficient features that little meerkat. is the quickest and most efficient site for double checking the various insurances, and it's something that we'll certainly be using over the next few days to try and save some pennies for our family days out!

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    Check out any cover with your mortgage too. As time goes on you don't need as much cover because you've less to pay so you could save up to £200 here! (we did!). 6 weeks sounds amaaaaaaazing!

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