Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Review)

One of the films that I wanted to see in the cinema several months ago was the collaboration between Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. If ever there was a film that was likely to be a success, then starring those two A-listers was surely going to do it? However at the time I knew it was a little sobering and we ended up going to see a pathetically shallow RomCom instead.

When the DVD of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close popped through the door a week or two back, I was delighted. I could blub away to my heart's content and allow my mascara to flow freely in the comfort of my own home.

Only my mascara didn't flow, neither did the tears, because whilst sad in parts this film is actually incredibly heart-warming and inspirational.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close tells the tale of eleven year old Oskar and his journey to reconnect with the memory of his father, a year after he died in the 911 atrocity. The only child of Thomas and Linda, Oskar always had a close relationship with his father and when he died on 'The Worst Day', Oskar was the one to discover the emotive answerphone messages from him. One year on, and he wanders into his father's closet to try and catch hold of hisĀ  unravelling memories and discovers a mysterious key in an envelope with the name 'Black' on it. Oskar sets out on a journey to ask all 400+ Blacks across the five boroughs of New York to ascertain who 'Black' is and what the key fits.

This film is emotive, of course it is. However, I actually felt that the presence of the events of 911 actually played a really small part of the film, as did Bullock and Hanks. The star of this film, in more ways than one, is young Thomas Horn in the role of Oskar. The way that he deals with his journey visiting the multitude of potential links to his father is enthralling, the way that they react to him is heartwarming. His Aspergers' is only really touched on after half an hour of viewing, and it is refreshing to not have it throwing a shadow over the main purpose of the film.

While Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close does have big names in it and the story evolves from one of the most well-known events in modern history, it is so much more than either of those elements. If you are looking for a damn good film to hire or buy, get this.

We were sent a copy of this film for the purpose of this review. My opinion is clearly honest and unbiased.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    I thought Thomas was brilliant too. I loved this film, very moving and his character so interesting and inspiring x

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