Competition: GOSH Smokey Eye Palettes


I wear it every day; I'm too pale with chickenpox-scarred skin (plus chloasma) to not wear foundation at least. Then because I'm wearing foundation my eyes disappear. Truth be told, wearing make-up makes me feel more confident and smarter. The only problem is that I've got in a rut with my eye make-up. White eyeshadow with a slick of grey-silver eyeliner pencil smudged in (to highlight the grey of my eyes) and a slick of black mascara. I'm bored of wearing it, others must be bored of looking at it.

So when I was sent the latest GOSH Smokey Eyes Palettes to try out, I was more than happy. Smokey eyes don't have to just be for evenings and nights out, and I always like the look of them in the glossies in the supermarket or hairdressers, so I was eager to try them out on myself.

I was sent the three palettes to try out: Black, Brown and Plum and was really impressed with them. Admittedly I personally don't favour the brown palette as I'm so pale that I think it makes me look washed out, but the black palette is my new favourite eyeshadow and it means I get to use my expensive make-up brush set that sits feeling forlorn.


The eyeshadow is very good quality, blends easily and lasts for hours without settling into creases. I adore it and have had quite a few compliments from work friends about the colours. I feel a bit more like a 34 year old and not a frumpy fuddy duddy.

GOSH Smokey Eyes Palettes are available from Superdrug for £7.99 each and come in three colours.


I am able to offer five lucky readers the opportunity to win one of these palettes, in the colour of their choice. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Incomplete entries will be deleted.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE GOSH! (sorry, the pun was unavoidable!) For me, must have is a decent black mascara, Benefit Bad Gal Lashes is my absolute fave. As a glasses wearer with fair ish hair, I tend to feel like my eyes look a bit nothing if I don't at leat have some mascara on.

  2. Tracy Nixon says

    Mascara!! My skin is good without any makeup but my eyes look more awake and brighter with mascara!!!

  3. says

    It would have once been mascara but I rarely wear any make up now in the summer and it turns into a lazy habit so I should make more of an effort really!

  4. Claire says

    I couldn't do without my black liquid eyeliner, it really opens up my eyes and makes me look more alert. The one time I went out without it everyone kept asking if I was o.k and said I looked tired, so I won't make that mistake again.

  5. Nellie Coleddells says

    Gotta be mascara – especially as I wear glasses, so without mascara my eyes almost disappear!

  6. abigail edkins says

    I cannot go without my mascara either, just feel so naked without it : ) all ive got such short lashes that they dont do justice to my hazel eyes

  7. Nicola Reynolds says

    I just cannot go without Mascara, even if I'm not leaving the house I still wear it, because it just makes me feel and look half decent!

  8. nikki lane says

    bronzer, i use it as a blusher, and a tad all over face, to hide quite how pale i am. lol. 🙂 xx

  9. Sarah Lambert says

    I just cant live with-out my foundation hides a lot of my sins lol
    I can cope with out having any other make up on xx

  10. sharon woodruff says

    hmmm… as a mummy of 3, i would probably say consealer, becuase i can hide the bags under my eyes with it.. heehee xxx

  11. says

    How am I meant to pick just one thing? Like you I wear make up every day so would have to say I can't live without eye make up but probably mascara if could just pick one thing.

  12. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I can't go anywhere without lipbalm. I quite often have make up free days, if I'm out walking in the hills there is nobody to see me anyway! But lipbalm I keep in every room and every bag and every pocket!

  13. Isabel O'Brien says

    Foundation- I have terrible spots and I wouldn't be able to go out without covering them up.

  14. Stacey Gahan says

    Concealer, if I don't wear any people think I'm sick or confuse me with a zombie, oh the joys of motherhood lol

  15. Sharon McGuinness says

    I love my black mascara as it really lengthens and thickens my eyelashes making my eyes look bigger. This in effect makes my face look more attractive without anything else.

  16. Jane English says

    Has to be my mascara, being a fairhaired person my eyelashes disappear ewithout any mascara on, so it a thing I wear every day along with my lippy.

  17. sue willshee says

    I have a brown eyeshadow which absolutely suits me and brings out the blue of my eyes. I'm almost out of it, it's the one eyeshadow that I've used until there is nothing left…I don't know what I'll do when it finally runs out!

  18. Debbie Davis says

    My one make-up item I can't go without is foundation. It covers up any uneven skin tone issues and imperfections. The foundation I use is very natural looking and it gives me confidence to leave the house to do errands and such without feeling unpresentable.

  19. SUSAN L HALL says

    I am Never seen without my lipstick, even first thing in the morning but that may be because i buy the stay on kind lol

  20. Natalie White says

    Mascara! I went to Tesco without mascara on today and got ID'd for a little pink craft knife… I just look like a little girl without it – I need eye makeup!!

  21. Gemma says

    I can't live without my bronzing block, it has different colours in it so I can use it as eyeshadow as well if I need to!

  22. Victoria Leedham says

    Mascara, if I go out without it people say I look ill ( I think I just look tired from having 4 kids)

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