Parents' Evening #1

Last night, Mr. TBaM and I went to our first parents' evening at The Boy's nursery. As we parked outside and walked in, we decided that we suddenly felt very grown-up, and ever so slightly nervous.

We were presented with a portfolio of information about his sessions: quotes from him, pictures, photos and other titbits of information.

As this blog is about our life, I wanted to share some of the gems:

A tiger's stripes

  • During calendar time, The Boy told me that the number that comes after 17 is 18. He then told me that I needed a 1 and an 8 to make it, found the numbers and placed them on the calendar.
  • The Boy enjoys garden time and he likes to bounce on the space hopper. He bounced and fell off and thought this was very funny so started laughing.
  • The Boy has been very busy cooking in the home corner. He said, "I'm having sausage and chips for dinner."
  • He has been building towers with the foam bricks. He named the colours of the bricks and also identified the shapes.
  • The Boy is a friendly and inquisitive little boy. During meal times, The Boy will speak to and ask, "Hello I'm The Boy, what's your name?" to anyone walking through. He also asked the chef, "Why are you wearing those trousers?"
  • He has settled in well and is a confident little boy.
  • He is very chatty and will ask lots of questions.
  • His speech is very clear.
  • He can identify some letters by their phonic sounds.
  • He knows his numbers to 20+ and can tell you what numbers make a two-digit number.
  • The Boy uses Welsh greetings (Bore da) to answer the register. (WHAT? REALLY?!)
  • He listens to and repeats the Welsh words for various colours.
  • The Boy will join in with the daily calendar and will recite the days of the week and months of the year as a group.


  • To help care for our vegetable patch
  • To learn phonic sounds
  • To learn 3D shapes
  • To begin learning the time
  • To learn Welsh phrases to describe the weather
  • To learn opposites
  • To participate in colour mixing
  • To participate in experiments
  • To pedal a tricycle.

I'm so proud of him!

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  1. says

    I think it's great reading about what they get up to when they're not with you, they come out with the funniest things don't they – I think your reaction to his welsh speaking is funny!

  2. says

    You have a little smarty pants on your hands… only a wonderful mommy could raise such a great little boy. I hope you are having a better day xx

  3. Jennypaulin says

    Awww thats fantastic and I am not surprised how proud you are of him. Welsh speaking is funny bless him. He seems to be doing very well , it's all that learning through play at home 🙂

  4. says

    That is brilliant. Our oldest went to many schools as we moved a lot and the one in the Welsh Valleys was his favourite. Glad your son is doing so well.

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