Eco-Force (Review & Competition)

I'm a little bit of an eco-warrior on the sly. I use environmentally friendly washing detergent and conditioner, washing-up liquid and dishwasher tablets. And before anyone points out the dishwasher elephant in the room, they use less water than washing by hand. I refuse to use the tumble dryer except in case of dire emergencies, everything gets dried on the line or airers.

When I was asked by Ecoforce if I would like to review some of their household cleaning products, I was more than happy to accept. I was sent a variety of sponges, brushes, dusters and clothes to trial.

One of my favourite items out of the above is the Dishmatic. It's a washing-up brush with a scrubbing brush on the end. It's refillable with washing-up liquid and comes with replaceable sponge attachments. But the best bit about the whole thing is that it is made from at least 90% recycled products, as are all the items in the range. My other favourites are the recycled pegs and basket, again made from 93% recycled plastic and has no metal parts to rust or to stain clothes. They have a clever plastic hinge in them which grips the clothes tightly against even the nastiest winds at the moment.

EcoForce is available in Oxfan, Homebase, B&Q and online directly.


However, one lucky reader of TheBoyandMe can win £50 worth of cleaning products courtesy of EcoForce. Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance of winning.

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  1. says

    As well as your comments, we use white vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning & disinfecting.

    I do sometimes use the dryer, with dryer balls to cut down the time required. We also have an energy efficient dehumidifier in the utility room – actually quicker than the dryer too.

  2. Katherine L says

    Overall, we're more careful about the products we choose to use as we're more conscious of what's going back into the environment. We are also trading elbow grease over using too much electricity. The dryer and dishwasher are used rarely 🙂

  3. nikki lane says

    We have started using nature to discourage bugs in the garden, marigolds to get rid of blackfly, egg shells instead of slug pellets, we are also growing a lot more fruit and veg ourselves, apple trees, raspberry canes, and all the usuals, less packaging (obv) less travel.
    Showers are now timed and we also switched to a water meter. We have also switched to gas and electric meters as our direct debits (monthly) had gone sky high (didn't owe anything though). The amount we now put on has HALVED, and gas is now building up, i think seeing the cash draining has made us much more mindful. xx

  4. Lucy says

    I try to use natural products in all my cleaning – white vinegar, lemon etc and try to avoid the tumble dryer whenever possible. It's a little thing, but I'm also looking into a rechargeable vacuum cleaner (it's only a little house) to avoid using electricity every time I want a clean carpet!

  5. Michelle Bird says

    I have used a couple of these products and must say they are FAB! Would love to win some more and try the whole range 🙂
    Who said you can't get excited about cleaning!!!

  6. Carolina J. says

    I recycle, use water butt and make my own fertiliser and bone meal for the plants in the garden.

  7. kathleen hooper says

    We use white vinegar for a lot of cleaning jobs
    also we very rarely use the tumble dire, but hang the washing out whenever possible

  8. Phyllis Ellett says

    Just try to use a wet cloth 1st to clean instead of spraying everything with chemicals. Use that long forgotten, 100% environmental friendly chemical called elbow grease.

  9. Maya Russell says

    When washing up by hand I fill the sink up with soapy water rather than wash under a running tap.

  10. says

    ummmmm…..only cleaning up when it get really messy. does that count? i think it does lol. hey, the hoover uses LOADS of electricity. i grow veg and have a rain butt & put the washing up water on the potatoes. i use method cleaners they are great and smell lovely too.

  11. Julie Thomas says

    I recycle in and outside the house. Inside I'm always 'filtering' containers and find myself thinking about substances I'm using. Bicarb of soda has suddenly become very useful around the house!

    Outside we have an allotment and so many things are reused on the plot to cut cost and waste, its quite easy with a little imagination.

  12. mi_shmash says

    I use cola for tough stains on cooking pans, leave it soak for an hour and the fizz brings the stain right out.

  13. sam says

    I use Ecover washing-up liquid. Would like to try Ecoforce! I use vinegar a lot to clean and get rid of limescale – its more effective too! I use a low temperature and short cycle for washing and don't own a tumble dryer! x

  14. Hannah Moody says

    We use a dishmatic, recycled toilet paper, Eco friendly bin bags and we recycle EVERYTHING! 🙂 Such a great giveaway with a fabulous message to spread 🙂

  15. Jane English says

    I use fresh lemon juice to clean my shower head, its the best thing ever! Just pop it in a bag, ok a plastic bag, but a bowl of something big & deep enough will do, squueze the lemon & pour into the shower head, cover of seal & forget for the afternoon, when you go back & rinse all the goop the blocks the shower has come loose & you can rinse it away, I usually give it a bit of a scrub before the first rince with a nail brush incase their is any stubborn bits. This I have found works better than anything on the market & you are only using lemon juice which is brill!

  16. Hazel Christopher says

    I often use homemade cleaning products using tips and advice from the internet. It's amazing what you can clean with vinegar or lemon juice 🙂

  17. says

    I probably dont apart from not using my tumble dryer ( it fills a gap under my cupboard but thats about its only use) we wash up once a day not 3 times…dont know if that is laziness or planet friendly

  18. Carolin says

    I try to use only eco friendly cleaners, with a toddler that has the silliest ideas, I dont want him to touch or even lick any harsh chemical residues. I'm also waiting for my EcoEgg (for washing) to be delivered, so excited how thats going to turn out 🙂

  19. mary chez says

    I try to use natural products for cleaning like white vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Also cut down on using the spin dryer.

  20. says

    Not so much a conscious eco friendly choice, as a happy knock-on effect of my allergies. We don't use aerosols, at all. I get crazy asthma-like symptoms from aerosols, so we boycott them. Great for my environment AND the planet too though xx

  21. Lorna Peppiatt says

    I use the washing up water to water my plants and use lemon juice where I'm able for a really shiny finish. I rarely use my tumble dryer now either.

    • Christine Shelley says

      even in winter out goes my washing, always conserve water and never pull the chain at night

  22. lianne claire martin says

    i use old worn out clothes for dusters and cleaning cloths ,newspaper for cleaning windows and reuse non reusable hoover bags :0)

  23. Tracy Nixon says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I got rid of my dryer and now use the washing line or drying racks to dry washing. I also got rid of my dishwasher, I also use a few home made alternative cleaning solutions such as white vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda – which all work just as well as the bought brands!

  24. Lesley J says

    If I have a shampoo/bubble bath/shower gel I no longer use, I dispense it into a handwash container and no one is any the wiser. I also use cheap baby wipes for cleaning dirty surfaces and buff up with a dry cloth. Face pack? Runny brown honey on your face whilst laying in a warm bath, just don't let it drip into your eyes – tastes nice though – lol!

  25. Veronica brown says

    I use old stained baby clothes as cleaning cloths and I sewed the bottom of an old baby t-shirt up and using an old baby coat hanger made a peg bag. I always try and donate out grown clothes to charity shop and use the ones that are not suitable for rags.

  26. Caroline H says

    No tumble drying, quick wash for things that aren't dirty but just need freshening up and sweeping the floors rather than vacuum to save electricity (no coal-fired power stations).

  27. Aimee Ryan says

    I use natural products like vinegar and bicarb. Vinegar works amazing for all kinds of things, especially as a limescale remover!

  28. Emily Nelson says

    Separate all my tins from my plastic! I also use a clothes line and use my dish water to feed my plants!

  29. Rachael G says

    I use eco cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals and I also use microfibre cloths now instead of kitchen towel to clean surfaces with. I dry my clothes on an airer instead of using the tumble drier and I only run the washing machine on an eco wash setting.

  30. Emma says

    Descale around bath/sink taps with vinegar. A tbsp vinegar to a mixing bowl of water, rinse out a cloth in it. Wrap cloth around tap if really caked up with limescale. Leave to soak. Then, rub around all taps and basinl. Rinse.

  31. Valerie B says

    I use a variety of 'e-cloths' which are made from special fibres. There are good ones for general cleaning, glass cloths and polishing cloths. You need a lot less cleaning solution often just water is enough and they can be washed time and again. Very environmentally friendly.

  32. Ali Thorpe says

    I pour left over hot water from the kettle into the sink for washing up and I buy environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever they are an option. I also would never dream of owning a tumble drier as I think, if you are organised, you can manage OK without one.

  33. Ros Easton says

    Cleaning? – um, vinegar for descaling, no products with antibiotics added, just hot water & basic cleaners. Don't own a tumbledrier.

  34. Joanne Mapp says

    I use bicarbonate of soda for freshening carpets, soda crystals for cleaning drains and oven shelves (Better than any chemical product), white vinegar for glass and lemon for chopping boards

  35. Emma Jackson says

    My husband sweeps the floors with a broom instead of using a electrical hoover and I dust using no aerosol spray polish. Just a slightly damp cloth with lemon oil on it.

  36. chanceuxvache says

    We use white vinegar for lots of things, including cleaning out the washing machine, descaling the taps and we spritz it on the garden flowers to stop the cats digging them up ;D

  37. liz denial says

    I always recycle everything but also use Ecoforce cleaning products. I particularly love the window cleaner

  38. Anne Thompson says

    I have tried to use more natural products, and reuse things eg old lemon for cleaner mixed with bicarb of soda.

  39. Heather Haigh says

    I use natural and green products for pretty much everything I clean. Mainly bicarb and vinegar but do use some eco-friendly washing up liquid.

  40. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I recycle everything. Its all rinsed in the used washing up water so no water wastage. I even take paper labels off tin cans and recycle them separately! All recycling that isn't collected we take on foot to the collection bins in the supermarket car park. We also have a composter in the garden which is really good for all our fruit and veg waste.

  41. Farhana Haque says

    We collect rain water for gardening. Use as many home cleaning products such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking powder etc wherever possible

  42. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I use microfibre cloths for most of my cleaning nowadays – they are far more effective and environmentally friendly.


    We try and use natural products whenever we can – its amazing what bicarb and vinegar can do! xoxo

  44. Alexandra McGahey says

    I always try to use natural ingredients to clean with where possible – lemon, white vinegar as a disinfectant and glass cleaner, bicarbonate of soda. I rinse pots in a little cold water too.

  45. Lisa Wilkinson says

    I borrow my MIL steam cleaner to clean my oven. It saves using the usual horrible oven cleaners.

  46. gwen thomas says

    I have started using more environmentally friendly cleaning products and only do a wash when there's a full load and at 30 degrees

  47. Leanne Evans says

    Hi, To be greener I try and skip chemicals and use steam power to clean, or natural products like lemons or vinegar to clean. For EG to clean microwave I put lemon slices or the remains of a squeezed lemon in boiling water in a bowl, bung in microwave and heat for a minute or 2 and then I can just wipe the microwave clean with no products. I use washable microfibre cloths rather than disposables too. Also I recycle.

  48. Susan El Carter says

    Recycle as much as possible – whether to Women's Aid, Charity shops, Council Recycle or find another use within the house. Cut down on the use of electricity as much as possible.

  49. Sarah Flanagan says

    I only use the tumble dryer when absolutely necessary, never put on the washing machine unless it's full, and try to make products last i.e. only use a small amount and don't throw to the recycling bin if not empty. I also recycle containers when possible.

  50. Robyn Logan Clarke says

    We try and use natural cleaning products where possible and try to keep on top of cleaning so only a little amount of detergent is required to clean

  51. vidhya ramasubramaniam says

    I started using vinegar for household cleaning..after reading a book on it. Have got to say, they have exceeded my expectations..#

  52. Lesley Bain says

    I try to use natural products to clean – like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar – whenever possible.

  53. kerry Locke says

    We are currently using soap nuts as our washing detergent – they are fantastic !! Not only are they extremely cost effective – they are environmentally friendly to boot xxx

  54. Natalie Henderson says

    We don't use a dishwasher or tumble dryer and make sure we recycle as much as possible

  55. Helen Hampson says

    I hang all my washing out to dry outside to save using lots of electric on a tumble dryer. I also wash at low temperatures and if it's a sunny day I barely spin the washing to save more energy, it will dry outside anyway.

  56. Alison says

    We use things out of the cupboards like lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda to clean instead of buying expensive cleaning products. Works out much cheaper and so good for the environment.

  57. sam bailey says

    I have recently started my own small business doing home services, one of these services is cleaning. I take my own cleaning gear around which is home made items and eco friendly ones. Although my customers say i can use their goods i like to show them what simple things around the house can be used for cleaning, Newspaper and vinegar for windows, flat coke for ovens, bicarb for pots and pans vinegar too, Some of them have converted and the rest i am working on 😉

  58. Kerry Pope says

    We use white vinegar for cleaning, and screwed up old newspaper for cleaning our windows. I only use the tumbe dryer if it is raining and the washing cannot wait. We have a compost heap and a water butt, I use the water from this to clean the car as well as watering plants.

  59. Prerna Gupta says

    I try to use natural substances to clean like vinegar,lemon juice and try not to waste too much water.

  60. Jenny Rogers says

    I try to use only small amounts of any cleaning products. I also collect the water that runs from the hot tap before it gets hot(!) to water houseplants.

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