Thursday 7th June 2012 – 'Skyline' (159/366)

We were going to go to Plymouth Aquarium today because of the rain. So we drove for an hour in the pouring rain. We queued for half an hour for the car park, then were told there was a further half an hour wait to have a space, before being told that there was an hour queue to get into the Aquarium.

So we decided to go on the Wheel of Plymouth instead. As we parked, the sun emerged and the rain stopped. We had a pleasant, albeit windy, stroll up to the 'Eye' only to be told that it was near closure due to strong winds. We could go on if we wanted, but the carriages were swaying severely and I could feel travel sickness coming on at the mere thought of it.

We went to Pizza Express instead.

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  1. Susanne Temlett says

    I live in Plymouth, it's such a shame you missed The National Marine Aquarium – it is amazing, Plymouth is world renowned for it's quality marine research and conservation. There is a great 'park and ride' service to the city centre which runs every 10mins from 6.45am-6.30pm from the giant carpark at Outlands Road (in front of Plymouth Argyle football stadium except on Saturdays if Argyle is playing at home. The return bus can be caught from Royal Parade bus stop A12) – well worth the trouble if you are planning a day trip into the city centre. Plymouth has such a colourful history and so many hidden gems worth seeking out, I'm sorry Pizza Express was the highlight of your day!

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