Little Charley Bear Up, Up & Away (Review)

The Boy was recently sent a Little Charley Bear Up, Up and Away aeroplane to play with and test. He's a big fan of Charley and his imagination and therefore any action toy to do with him will definitely go down well.

The aeroplane comes with a removable cuddly Charley Bear (complete with aviator goggles) that sits quite happily in the cock-pit of the biplane surverying his territory. At the front of the aeroplane and behind the roatable propellor is a small button which controls various sound effects including a zooming noise, encouraging cheers and catchphrases. It's worth noting that the propellor is a manual one.

charley bear aeroplane

The Boy loves it, it's gone down a storm in this house, and he's constantly doing 'loop-the-loops' and having to rescue Charley! Such a simple toy but very effective and provides hours of imaginative entertainment.

Little Charley Bear Up, Up & Away is available from Amazon for £12.95

We were sent this for the purpose of this review, our opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    He looks like he is getting some good use out of it. since CBeebies moved Charley Bear to a later slot in the mornings we don't see it anymore. It was one of B's favourites.

  2. Mum2Four says

    Looks like a toy that Harry would enjoy playing with – he currently likes to help himself to his Brothers' planes & helicopters which are a bit delicate for his toddler hands.

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