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I live in a three-bedroom ex-council semi-detached house in a reasonably suburban street.

Only I don't. Well not in my head anyway.

In my head I live in a purpose built detached house in several acres of land. As you go in through the front door, there's a large open hallway with a staircase slap-bang in the middle. Behind the staircase is the doorway into the kitchen and diner which spans across most of the back of the house. On the right, it leads into a large playroom and sitting room: the family room. In this room is a circular staircase up to the hallway outside the children's bedroom (Yes I know I only have one at the moment, but it's my dream so I have two ok?). Only this spiral staircase is one of those that has a slide around the outside of it; how cool would that be?

Further off to the right is a cinema room. Not snazzy and modern, but old fashioned with red velvet seats and gilt edging everywhere. Think the Hollywood golden era. Off the back of this room is an indoor swimming pool with bi-folding doors all along the one side into a courtyard area which the kitchen and playroom also overlook.

Back to the hallway and on the left of the staircase is a door into the living room. Although to be honest it's probably more of a formal sitting room because we'd spend all of our time in the playroom! Behind that and leading into the kitchen is the dining room with doors off onto the courtyard which flows into lush green lawn.

I haven't thought about upstairs yet, I've been too busy working out where the spiral staircase goes.

Anyway, I've spent many years covetting the perfect home and immerse myself into the like of Britain's Best Home or Grand Designs (have you noticed they're not very 'grand' anymore?) storing away ideas to be used for when I finally win the lottery and can have my dream home built. There's nothing massively quirky about my house, it's not out there with the people who have aquariums in their basements or discos in their garages, but I do think that the spiral slide staircase is an inspired move.

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This is a sponsored post. My ramblings are my own.

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