Jubilee Special (Review)

I've been sent two items recently that I really wanted to share with you because they are both incredibly cute and fabulous ways to celebrate Great Britain this Summer.

Clothes Plasters by Jennie Maizels

These clothes plasters are brilliant at extending the life of your little one's favourite pair of jeans or jacket. Iron-on patches that are hard-wearing and designed to cover little tears or worn areas on clothing. The London set of 5 has a lovely unisex selection of patches perfect for jazzing up any little girl's or boy's clothes, while the Pair of London Hearts might well be adorning something of The Boy's (or mine) when we go to Britmums next month!

Available from www.JennieMaizels.com

Milly Green Tableware

We like 'novelty' tableware in this household; it makes dinnertimes more fun and The Boy is more likely to finish his meal when he is engaged. Having been to London over the weekend, The Boy hasn't stopped talking about the London Eye and the big red buses that zoomed along the streets. Milly Green has created a set of tableware which celebrates all thing brilliant and synonymous with London. The gorgeous set includes a bowl, plate, cup and three piece cutlery set.

Available for £20.00 from www. MillyGreen.com

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  1. Mum2Four says

    I love these iron on patches – I won one on your blog many moons ago.

    I actually think they could be used to decorate simple clothing rather than just repairing wear & tear.

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