Sponsored Video: 'What's That?'

That question right there:

'What's that?'



Are there any other words uttered by your toddler that can drive you to distraction at least eleventy billion times a day?

The Boy's personal favourite is:

'Are you (insert action here)?'

The reason those words drive me bananas is because they usually follow me saying I'm going to do (the action) or him witnessing me doing it. It's like he's double-checking that he's not imagining it. Mr. TheBoyandMe and I have actually tried to psycho-analysis this query from him to no avail. It's just one of his little quirks.

When these questions are driving you mad and you've answered the 'why?' or 'what's that?' for the seventy-fifth time in a row, turn it around on them and ask them the 'why?' Chances are they already know the answer but just want confirmation from you.

As for the 'what's that?' mantra? Bear with them, every single thing that they come across on a daily basis is completely and utterly new to them. These tiny little beings that we created have no idea what that jumpy thing is in the grass, or what happens when you drop a cup of water on the floor.

The only time that The Boy seems to stop asking me questions is when he's eating, and even then there is some curiosity as to the substances on his plate. Maybe he's trying to tell me something?

This is a sponsored post. My ramblings are genuine as is the amount my son asks me if I've just done something that he's seen me do. 

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