Hot Wheels On A Hot Bottle (Review)

Coinciding nicely with the latest edition to our Hot Wheels track collection, was the arrival of a new water bottle for The Boy from SIGG Eco Bottles. The Boy already had a small bottle which he is incredibly fond of and has served him well, but as he is about to turn three next month, SIGG felt that he probably was drinking more and therefore needed a larger bottle to keep him going during the day.

And he is now a boy obsessed! His old bottle lies feeling sorry for itself in the cupboard, I even have to alternate them so as not to cause jealousy and sibling squabbles.

Hot Wheels has been everywhere with us: to the beach, to Pizza Express and bowling. It had issues when we went bowling, a lack of opposable thumbs meant it was difficult to pick up the ball.

The Hot Wheels bottle is a really good sized bottle for the pre-schooler; not too heavy to carry, holds enough water to quench his thirst and also looks really attractive. On top of this, the aluminium casing means that it tends to stay cooler for a lot longer than plastic bottles. And surely the fact that we're teaching our children to be eco-friendly is a big bonus?

The Hot Wheels SIGG EcoBottle is available from SIGG directly.

The Boy was sent this bottle for the purpose of this review. His opinion is honest and unbiased, as is mine.

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  1. Alli Marshall says

    Looks fab – have to say all my kids love their Sigg bottles & they are surviving very well!

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