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My first car was a Volvo 440 and I adored it. I bought it with my own money when I was 23, paid for everything on it myself and had it for four years before I changed it. I put my beloved K-reg Volvo into the car auctions and luckily no-one had bought it, when a week later my husband blew up his engine due to a lack of oil. He inherited my 440 and drove it for a further two years before selling it on to a work colleague. Our Volvo did the rounds but I loved it, and one of those reasons is because it was so reliable.

My last three cars have been a different make and model, and I have to say that I'm fed up of that company now. I crave the security, stability, quality and style of my old Volvo.

And this is why they are so great, this is the Volvo V60:

Nice isn't it?

With it's innovative safety measures including pedestrian detection technology, and driver support package to help avoid collisions, the Volvo V60 is a reasuringly safe, family car while retaining its sleek lines and attractive exterior.

I'm not able to say I've reviewed one, although I'd love to. And I'm not going to say you can win one either on here or through Volvo directly.

However, on May 27th you could win a whole heap of other prizes as @VolvoCarUK are giving away prizes every hour throughout the day on twitter, including cinema tickets and family adventure weekends. @VolvoCarUK will be interacting with their followers to find out a little about them and asking questions in order to choose winners for the prizes, questions like ‘Where was your best family holiday?’. If I was to answer that I'd have to say (in 140 characters only), 'When we stayed in a log cabin in the woods, explored the woodlands around us, played family games & enjoyed each other's company.'

To make sure you don't miss out on winning the prizes from Volvo, make sure you're following them on @VolvoCarUK and use the hashtag #V60getaway to follow the competition interactions. I'd love to hear that one of you won a prize.

Good luck!

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