The Things They Say

We've had a couple of gems this week, not one-liners but whole random conversations!

Me: Where shall we go for our picnic?
The Boy: Let's go to the moon mummy!
Me: It's closed today darling, let's find somewhere else to go.
TB: Chris and Pui did go to the moon.
Me: I think it's a bit far.
TB: But they went.
Me: We can only go when we pretend. Shall we go to the beach?
TB: That's where we can have our picnic. Let's bring some bread. Because I like it.
Me: Anything else?
TB: Brioches and mummy's coffee.
(We were having breakfast)

(We were in the car heading to Asda which is next to the football stadium where we met a certain CBeebies presenter last year)

The Boy: Alex is almost as big as mummy and daddy and me. There's a seat Alex could sit in, in the front with Mr. Maker and Mr. Bwoom (Bloom) and his veggies. He can hold his veggies, there's no space for them. They're in the back of the boot.
Me: What are in the back of the boot?
TB: Their seat-belts.
Me: Whose seat-belts?
TB: Mr. Bwoom's veggies. But Mr. Bwoom must sit in the front next to daddy and Alex. But daddy can drive not Alex because he's not as big as daddy.

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  1. Jennypaulin says

    Burnt makes me laugh so much with what he somes out with, i should write them down too!
    Poor Alex I thought he was a sort arse lol x

  2. Alli Marshall says

    Brilliant – I have still have conversations like this with Emilie; some days when I walk her to school she doesn't stop for air on the 20 minute walk & by the time we get to school I am shell shocked!

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