Friday 18th May 2012 – 'It's Like…' (139/366)

We called into a local toy shop tonight as I wanted to pick up something for a project I have planned. While we were there we had a quick look at bikes as we have decided to get The Boy one for his birthday in June. The first one he sat on was a character bike with moulded foam tyres and he could barely move it. This is the second bike he tried and it is taken thirty seconds after he sat on it and started pedalling independently for the first time. We had to chase after him.

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    Fantastic! I remember the day Eva simply rode her bike into kitchen one day. It had been.abandoned in the conservatory since she'd given up on it and then all of a sudden she could do it! Fab memory.


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    Wow that is impressive! It's funny how they do these things sometimes and really take you by surprise! Great photo though which will almost definitely make you smile when you look back at it

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