How To Make A Rainbow Butterfly

This craft activity might seem obvious to some, to others they'll think "I remember doing this as a child!" and it may be complete nonsense to the rest of you. Either way, it's such a lovely and simple activity that I wanted to share it.

Remember as a child when you did those Christmas cards or firework pictures involving cut-outs in black sugar paper and ripped tissue paper? Basically it's that! I saw it late last night on Mini-Eco and she explained it so beautifully that I found myself cutting out a butterfly on navy card (no black!) at half past midnight! (She's even got a template to use)

You'll need:

  • coloured tissue paper
  • black card with shapes cut out
  • glue

I am not going to explain any further because it's so simple it's unbelievable! Just make sure you leave it to dry completely before trimming around the edges.

We love it, and it looks so effective with the sun shining through that I'm going to do a bumblee and a dragonfly too.


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  1. Bex says

    This looks fantastic and as you say is so simple! My little boy is not old enough to make these yet but I love reading things and getting inspiration so I am ready with ideas when he is!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's such a simple thing to do, The Boy is three next month but I reckon he could have done it well over six months ago.

  2. Jenny Paulin says

    Wow mini stained glass,window really then! Fab must remember this idea. So simple too!
    We made a robot today…..I may write it up in a bit…..still deliberating! X

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's absolutely the easiest thing to do, and so much fun. I wonder if she's already done something similar in school.

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