Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom: The Elf Games DVD (Review)

This Summer sees two massive events which should cause national pride. I keep seeing various craft and cooking activities which I want to do with The Boy, but the problem is that I have no idea how to introduce the concept of the Olympics to him. How do you introduce the idea of racing and competing to a two year old?

And then we were sent  the latest DVD delight from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, the Elf Games.

Perfectly pitched at pre-schoolers, it is full of episodes from the latest series and the title episode ties in nicely with the Olympics. The Elf Games features Ben having to explain to Holly why she is not allowed to use magic or flying in the games, in the interest of fair play. Her enthusiasm, along with Nanny Plum's meddling, almost costs Ben his winner's medals, but in the end the day is saved!

Other episodes included on the disc are:

  • Cows
  • The Toy Robot
  • Dinner Party
  • Big Bad Barry
  • King Thistle's Birthday
  • The Wand Factory
  • Daisy and Poppy's Pet
  • The Elf Rocket
  • Picnic on the Moon

We're big fans of Ben and Holly in this house, and this is another winning DVD. It's really helped The Boy to understand the concept of races and winning medals.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom: The Elf Games DVD is available priced at £7.99

We were sent a check disc for the purpose of this review. Our opinions are honest and unbiased.

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