Tuesday 24th April 2012 – 'Garden Craft' (115/366)

I took The Boy to see a new playgroup (nursery really) today. He only goes one day a week at the moment and only then since January. When we signed up to the one he uses, it was the middle of Winter and I didn't think about the fact that it hasn't got any outdoor space. Now the Summer is (apparently) on its way, I want him to be able to play outside and enjoy himself. Furthermore, I've just discovered him singing "Jesus' love is very wonderful" and as he's not Christened for a reason, I can only assume he's learnt it in one place.

While I was having a look around, he made this with one of the nursery nurses. He starts there next week!

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  1. says

    Totally with you on this. My eldest (23months) goes to creche with loads of outdoor space. Is the best thing ever! They go out for walks every day. Even if it's a rainy day, they just wrap them up, put on their wellies and go out for a walk. And every group has it's own decking as well, so when it's too windy for walking they are able to play out on the decking instead. For the baby room they have a huge six seater buggy, so even the smallies get their walks every day. Very cute to see them in it. Really think it helps the germs a bay. And it's not only good for the kids, also for the carers. Getting out for a walk is a welcome break for them too. Because being inside with a group of toddlers all day is hard work. For anyone.

  2. says

    Oh, and the religion thing. Mine aren't christened either. But as we live in Ireland, we'll just have to live with the religious songs. Very hard to find non-religious schools in Ireland still. So I'll just have to try to find a balance when they're a bit older and try to explain to them that catholicism is only one of many religions. Being from Belgium, I'm still struggling with the influence catholic church has in Irish education, but I'll just have to live with it.

  3. says

    I really wouldn't be pleased if Luke came home singing or chanting about Jesus for many reasons. I don't think it is up to a pre-school or a nursery to be teaching them about Christianity, especially without parental consent.

  4. says

    Im not Christian but was Mary every year. Think as long as they know what you believe they are accepting. Must sound quite cute though :). Z would go nuts without a massive field to run around but most nurseries near me only have a small yard so that's going to be interesting!

  5. Mum2Four says

    What a lovely collage.
    I have no religion but I do not mind my children learning about it at nursery/school; they will make their own minds up about religion when they are older.

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