"Smelly Peter, The Great Pea Eater" (Review & Competition)

There are two ways to my son's heart: making things and reading books. And chocolate. Ok, so make that three things and we'll ignore ice-cream for now.

If someone was to send my son a big box of books (and I mean big) then I would undoubtedly be indebted to that person forever, and so would The Boy. Little Tiger Press were those people.

When they first contacted me about reviewing for them, I took a little browse of their lovely and engaging site and was pleased to discover that we already had quite a few of their books. I will post in more details again about the books that they sent us, but I wanted to share two specifc books with you for the moment, both of which are picture books with a CD featuring the vocal talents of one Justin Fletcher.

"The Very Greedy Bee" by Steve Smallman and Jack Tickle

The Very Greedy Bee is a delightful tale of a little bee who is so greedy that he won't share his nectar with anyone. While all the other bees works hard, the Greedy Bee spends all day guzzling pollen and gobbling nectar. But one day, he eats just a little bit too much and when he wakes up from his snooze, he finds it impossible to fly and needs to rely on the help of some other insects to find his way home alone and scared.

The picture book is beautifully illustrated with bright watercolours and the font of the text is clear and large for older children to follow. The pages are thick and easily turned by younger children.

We really like the story as it is friendly for young children and teaches them an important lesson of not being glutonous and also being friendly to others. The story is beautifully read by Sophie Thompson (Stella in Eastenders and also known as the sister of Emma), with Justin Fletcher providing the voice of the bee with much humour and intonation. The Very Greedy Bee is a firm favourite in this household.

Smelly Peter, The Great Pea Eater

The second picture book and CD set that we were sent is the story of a young lad by the name of Peter, who is very fond of peas. It's the only thing he'll eat and as a result they've made him turn green and a little fragrant. One day, he is whisked away by aliens and becomes the king of their planet.

This book is appropriate for slightly older children than The Boy, as it does discuss 'wind' and toilet humour, all those sorts of things which appeal to young boys. It's hysterically read by Justin Fletcher as this video shows:

'The Very Greedy Bee' and 'Smelly Peter, The Great Pea Eater' are available from Little Tiger Press at £7.99

However, the very kind folk at Little Tiger Press would like to give two readers of TheBoyandMe a copy of Smelly Peter, The Great Peat Eater. To be in with a chance of winning, simply fill in all aspects of the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We were sent copies of this book for the purpose of this review and competition.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    If you had asked – What do you drink too much of?', I would have said coffee. But as you asked about food, I would say too much cherry tomatoes! I craved them throughout my pregnancies and still crave them now! I know this may sound vile but I actually poo out tomato seeds lol!

  2. says

    I eat too many strawberries. It's costing me a small fortune since I go through a punnet a day and the rash that they bring me out in isn't great but I just can't stop!

    Not bad for someone who literally hated strawberries a few years ago!

  3. Sarah lambert says

    Its def got to be Choc very very naughty with it but im detoxing for 2 weeks so choc can not touch my lips lol xx

  4. Emma Burton says

    At the moment it has to be chocolate – there is an Easter Egg mountain to get through and it would be unkind not to help the children with this task wouldn't it?!?!?!

  5. Rainie Bish says

    Cheese, I manage to eat it with most things. It also calls me every time I open the fridge so I seem to be constantly eating it.

  6. Paula says

    Ready salted crisps, chocolate and Tesco's fresh cream strawberry tarts. If its junk food I eat too much of it.

  7. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I eat too much cereal just now – I'm pregnant and don't have much space left for a proper lunch/dinner plus the milk keeps my heartburn at bay. My hubbie keeps teasing that the baby will be born with a serious Crunchy Nut Cornflake addiction.

  8. twopointfourchildren says

    I eat way too much sugar, have it in my tea twice a day at least and on my cereal as well as any sweets I happen to consume too!

  9. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    wine, I eat too much wine hahaha! I have a really healthy diet and amazing self control at long last. If I let myself go even the slightest bit i eat too much of everything until I feel sick…so I stick completely to my diet and wine is the only thing I probably have too much of.
    I did tweet the comp but when I clicked on the details it didn't come up with the number like it usually does, I have no idea what went wrong there!

  10. Michelle Hollingsbee says

    Crisps…think I might actually be addicted. Doesn't matter what type either, I love them all!

  11. Joanna Smith says

    Salad! Sounds good until you see my salads! Hunks of cheese and bread and houmous and cous cous and roast chicken and olives and…….gotta go!!

  12. Wendy Shippam says

    I eat too much of most things, but especially lattes. I know that is a drink but it must equate to the bulk of my calorie intake! Eeek!

  13. Natasha Read says

    Too much chickpeas last night for sure! Erm generally though…….nothing really. I drink waay too much tea though.

  14. Rachel says

    Chocolate! Doesn't matter which but I can easily eat a whole bar and want more later that night!

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