The Gallery: Easter

It's been a few weeks since I've entered Tara's Gallery, unintentional but life has a habit of passing you by sometimes, to use the wise words of Mr. Bueller. However, when I saw that this week's theme was Easter, I couldn't very well ignore it much longer.

We went away for the weekend and so I needed to make sure that we had everything ready so that the Easter Bunny could find us and leave the necessary confectionary for The Boy. After a fraught Friday morning packing up various bits and pieces, we popped down to our local country park for my toddler group's Easter Egg hunt. The weather was perfect for wandering through the woodlands, finding shiny red eggs and avoiding bunny poop, and it refreshed us wonderfully for the drive down to west Wales.

The weekend saw us searching for numbers, as well as Easter chicks on a treasure hunt through the woodland. We went swimming in one of the best waterparks I've seen in a while, even if The Boy was 10cm too short for the waterslides. The Easter Bunny managed to find us, and then have a cuddle with Oliver Monkey in The Boy's bed. We discovered that The Boy had a penchant for vintage motorcars, saw pigs and newborn lambs, dug for buried treasure and ate more chocolate. And then we thanked the Lord for Charley Bear and Jaffa cakes when we got stuck in traffic in the pouring rain on the M4.

[slickr-flickr tag='Easter2012']

All in all, a fairly decent Easter weekend.

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  1. Jennypaulin says

    Beautiful photos. I love the concentration on his face in the digger photo and the egg and spoon (complete with his tongue out!) one. I also really like his harm on the miss and the trees photo. Lovely collection and memories x

  2. says

    Wonderful pictures, I love the tongue out in concentration from The Boy with the egg and spoon and I would love a sand pit like that with diggers for Coombe Mill, another for my wanted board on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing your lovely family outdoor weekend away on Country Kids

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