Friday 13th April 2012 – 'Helping Mummy' (104/366)

Today after he'd helped me load the machine, he sat and watched it for five minutes giving me a running commentary of what was going on. Simple pleasures…

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  1. Mum2Four says

    Good Boy!!

    Harry loves helping me – he gets the softner out for me, closes the drawer, closes the door & presses the on button.

    When the washing has finished he helps to take it out & hang it up.

    He has been known to load the washing machine to with water pistols, cars & anything else that he can lay his hands on!

  2. says

    Leo loves this too – he only recently discovered the 'joys' of watching the machine as it's not in our kitchen so he'd never really noticed it before!

  3. says

    dont you lot laugh….when we got our first washing machine my 2 girls were 3 and 4.5 yrs old ( until then I hand washed and boiled nappies on the cooker – yes you can do it!!) it was 2nd hand given to us by a friend whose MIL had died, the 1st night we put it on we drew up chairs and sat in front and watched it….the simple pleasures before we had colour tv

  4. Mum2BabyInsomniac says

    Ahh bless him. Iyla is fascinated by the washing machine, well the buttons. I am looking forward to teaching her how to use it 😉

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